Tuesday, May 8

Israeli Candidate Running for U.S Congress Pledges Israel Comes First

Itamar Gelbman

He grew up in Israel, served in the IDF as a lieutenant and is running for Congress, one of his main goals is to ‘stop the Islamization of America.’and give Israel a more priority in America.
What if a Turk who was born in the US but grew up in Istanbul came to America and said one of his primary goals was to end US funding to Israel? You can bet that he would be accused of stealth jihad and Islamization of the US:

Israeli candidate running for Congress in Texas pledges to ‘stop Islamization of America and Israel Is First’

Itamar Gelbman was born in New York 30 years ago and as a child moved with his parents to Herzliya, where he was raised. He studied business management and computer science at Tel Aviv University and served as an undercover reserve officer in the Tel Aviv Police District.
After graduation, Gelbman joined the IDF where he was a lieutenant in what he calls the “army special forces.” He said he could not be more specific about what he did in the army but that he received multiple awards, including a commendation from the IDF chief of staff.
Eight years ago, he moved to Texas. After US President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Gelbman decided to get involved in politics.
Gelbman is running in the May 29 Republican Primary in Texas’s Sixth Congressional District, which is outside Dallas. “I’m the only candidate for the seat who is pro-Israel,” Gelbman said.
Gelbman said he believes American politicians need to give Israel the benefit of the doubt. He does not believe the US should involve itself in the settlement issue and he would work to block foreign aid to Islamic countries that act against Israel and the United States.
“I would defend Israel and be their voice in the House,” he said. “Israel should be allowed to do whatever it needs to do. The Palestinians need to change their education system and accept Israel as a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital.” Gelbman said he would work to make sure a law requiring the US to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would be enforced.
He received national attention when Muslims in his district were offended by his campaign flyer in which vowed to “fight the Islamization of America.”
Gelbman recently came to Israel to spend Passover with family. While he was in the country, he met with MK Danny Danon and other Likud politicians.
Not so sure about the “national attention” bit. The only report I can find of Gelbman antagonising the Muslim community is by a local TV station.


  1. Anonymous12:19 pm

    This is a person that should NEVER be elected in any country outside his own. If "Israel comes first" then what the hell is he doing in the USA?

  2. Anonymous12:32 pm

    A hate monger of the worst type, does not belong in the US.

  3. Anonymous12:41 pm

    We deserve everything that is happening to us,because we let it happen,unlike the Palestinians who had the jew forced on them.

  4. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Fuck the jew.

  5. Anonymous12:42 pm

    "I would defend Israel"

    defend from whom? is anybody attacking?

    "and be their voice in the House"

    Don't we have enough Israel's voices in the House?

  6. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Dont Worry USA Israel`s Behind You [and SO ARE THE CENTRAL BANKERS who funded/created Zionist Israel in 1948!]

    The Ugly Truth: Israel must be stopped or all will be lost: Mark Glenn
    source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/240039.html

  7. Anonymous1:37 pm

    "...stop the Islamization of America." I'm more concerned with the Israelification of my country. And it's almost complete. Look at who holds the real power in the U.S. It isn't Islam!

  8. And this is legal? Israel is not a state. She has not applied for statehood, though she is receiving more aid than any of the states. This is a travesty.

  9. Anonymous3:45 pm

    So run for office in Israel you damn traitor. We need congressmen that put America first.

  10. Anonymous9:37 am

    Muslims aren't the ones protesting Christmas displays.