Monday, November 1

Spain says it cannot offer War Criminal Dichter immunity against arrest

MADRID, (PIC)-- Spanish authorities said it cannot grant former head of the Israeli Shin Bet Avi Dichter immunity from arrest and interrogation if he intends to visit its territories because of an arrest warrant issued against him.
Dichter was intending to travel to Madrid to attend a summit between officials from the Palestinian authority and Israel, but he cancelled his participation in the event for fear of arrest.
Spanish and Palestinian human rights organizations filed a lawsuit against a number of Israeli officials, including Dichter, with Spanish courts for their involvement in war crimes committed in 2002 in Al-Daraj neighborhood in the Gaza Strip which led to the death of 14 civilians including nine children and the injury of many others.
The Palestinian center for human rights hailed Spain for taking such step, saying it affirmed that its territories cannot be a safe haven for war criminals even if they enjoy diplomatic immunity.
The center urged Spain to abolish the recent amendments it made to the law of international jurisdiction, asserting that such amendments are against the international obligations laid over the shoulder of Spain.

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