Monday, November 1

Report: Israeli soldiers kill 3, injure dozens in October in Gaza Strip

GAZA, (PIC)-- A report issued by Gaza Strip medical services documented dozens of Palestinian deaths and injuries at the hands of Israeli occupation forces in the month of October, 2010.
The report issued Sunday said Israeli troops launched three aerial raids on various areas of the Strip, killing two and injuring ten. The murder victims were identified as Mahmoud Jabir Washah, 21, and Mohammed Hisham Zaqout, 22.
Israeli soldiers fired a number of artillery shells at several locations in the Gaza Strip targeting farmlands and private homes one of which Jihad Subhi Afana, 20, in east Jibalia.
The report showed an increase in attacks against workers collecting gravel in northern Gaza during the past month, which saw the highest rate of injuries as compared to previous months. 61 worker injuries and two deaths were reported since February, 2009. 11 of those injuries, half of them children, took place in October.
Three Palestinians were killed and ten others sustained cases of suffocation while delivering food and other goods into the Gaza Strip through underground tunnels.
The report concluded that the continued full-fledged siege on the Strip, deliberate targeting of civilians, and denial of humanitarian principles call for immediate action by concerned authorities.

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