Thursday, August 7

The Resistance Will Continue Says The Majority Of Gaza: Over 2,000 Palestinians In Gaza Did Not Die For Nothing - We Only Want What The Rest Of The World Already Has!

Large marches in Gaza in support of Palestinian resistance

Thousands of Gazans marched on Thursday in support of Palestinian resistance’s demands and the Palestinian negotiating team in Cairo.
Member of Palestinian Legislative Council Mushir al-Masri said during the march that Gaza today is united behind Palestinian resistance topped by Qassam Brigades and Hamas Movement despite the Israeli killing of around 2000 citizens and the injury of 10,000 others mostly children and women in addition to hundreds of destroyed homes, mosques, and schools.
These huge numbers of participants including men, women, and children came to show their total support for the Palestinian resistance and the negotiating team in Cairo, he continued.
He added that the Palestinian negotiating team must realize that the Palestinian people, who sacrificed their beloved ones along the past month, will not agree to any truce agreement unless their demands are met.
Al-Masri called on the Egyptian authorities to support the Palestinian people’s fair, legitimate, and humanitarian demands, stressing the importance of Palestinian unity.
“The enemy must well recognize that our resistance fighters are ready for any scenario in case our demands are not met,” he said addressing Israeli leaders.
He pointed to Israel’s attempts to achieve a political victory after its defeat on the ground, saying that disarming Palestinian resistance is non-debatable.
This is a historic moment and a strategic shift in the Arab-Israeli conflict, he noted.
He confirmed that hundreds of Israeli casualties were not declared to the media outlets.

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