Thursday, August 7

It's the1st week of the month please help us do our part by doing yours

As the readers of Window into Palestine know, this blog has been offered free of charge since we started in 1996, and when times we're good there has not been any advertising (as if that actually makes anything), we keep everyone updated on the news & views that is Palestine - A clearing house of information & resources. You can find us though out the internet and heavily involved with the Social Media world in various places - mainly on Facebook & Twitter. We are associated with the People's Media Group and various non paid people work hours spreading the news and action alerts for various other groups, blogs and websites in creating awareness of the Palestinian cause.

 We are well aware that everyone is feeling the pinch right now in a terrible way, but anyone out there in the position to help out with the little that it costs that is associated with assisting this blog online to grow and and also provide small honorariums to our volunteers who spend countless hours around the clock in shifts to post and research as well financially support initiatives by other Palestinians (we believe) is a worthwhile endeavor are humbly asked to do so. 

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