Thursday, July 24

US granted Israel ‘blank check’ to commit crimes

Here is the written article based on an interview I did with Press TV on the Israeli assault on Gaza. Also provided is the You Tube link to a fairly lengthy interview done on Monday morning EST. These items may be of interest

Ed Corrigan

The US and its allies have granted Israel a
 “blank check” to commit “a massive
 amount of violence against defenseless” 
Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, a 
journalist and international lawyer in
 Toronto said Monday.

“The United States is clearly not enforcing
 its own laws with regard to Israel’s attack on
 Gaza, and of course [the attacks] are an 
extreme violation of international law,” said 
Edward Corrigan.
“The Americans, the British, the Canadians,
the Australians, a few other countries are giving
 Israel basically a blank check to do whatever it
 wants,” Corrigan told Press TV.
Some 190 Palestinians have so far been killed 
in the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since 
July 8. According to the United Nations, nearly
 80 percent of the casualties in Gaza have been 
People around the world have participated
 in protest rallies to condemn Israel’s deadly 
Gaza has been blockaded since June 2007. 
The blockade has caused a decline in the
 standards of living, unprecedented levels of 
unemployment, and unrelenting poverty.
Washington provides $3.1 billion in military 
assistance to the Zionist regime annually. 
The US government is pressured to serve 
Israel’s interests due to the influence of the
 powerful Israel lobby in the United States.

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