Thursday, July 24

Palestinian angry protesters set fire to Israeli military vehicles in al-Khalil

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- Palestinian youths set fire to two Israeli military vehicles during violent clashes that broke out in southern Dura town in al-Khalil at dawn Wednesday.
Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that Palestinians threw Molotov Cocktails towards Israeli jeeps while passing through Kharssa junction after the outbreak of violent clashes in the area. They said that two jeeps were burned while 10 other military vehicles stormed Tabka and Kharssa towns in al-Khalil.
The sources added that several injuries were reported among Palestinian youths during the clashes that erupted in Dura town.
Meanwhile, Israeli forces came under fire at the entrance to Aroub refugee camp in al-Khalil. In response, the troops entered the camp amidst indiscriminate shooting at the inhabitants.
Local sources said that IOF soldiers stormed and searched a number of neighborhoods in the camp looking for the shooters, which led to the outbreak of clashes.
At least 6 youths were injured by rubber and live bullets during the clashes.
Heavy tear gas bombs were deliberately fired towards Palestinian homes, causing breathing problems among the residents.
In al-Khalil, Israeli forces stormed at dawn Wednesday Ahmad Qawasmi’s home and blew up a water well belonging to the family.
On the other hand, PA security forces suppressed a solidarity march organized by Hamas Movement on Tuesday night in support of Palestinian resistance.
Dr. Amani Hijazi, head of the Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies, confirmed that PA security forces brutally attacked the participants including women and fired tear gas bombs and rubber and live bullets at them, adding that she was among those beaten.
Dozens suffered different injuries during the attack while others were arrested, she added.

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