Monday, April 12

Top 5 Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers Are Zionists

These figures, published below, for the earning of the top five hedge fund managers are DISTURBING and DISGUSTING. We are witnessing a small self-appointed clique manipulating the world's assets and wealth for their own self enrichment. Between the masonic and Zionist control that encompasses the globe, especially in Britain and America, there is an evil and despicable greed devouring vast fortunes into the hands of the thieves masquerading as hedge fund managers, this while the rest of the world's population are being made homeless with billions living in abject poverty and destitution. 
Total amounts earned in for 2009 -
1.David Tepper $4 Billion
2.George Soros $3.3 Billion
3.James Simons $2.5 Billion
4.John Paulson $2.4 billion
5.Steve Cohen $1.4 billion

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