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Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines February 25, 2008 ~

Shadi Fadda
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Israeli ground invasion and two air
strikes on Gaza, leave 4 Palestinians killed
Palestinian sources reported that four Palestinians
were killed by Israeli fire during three different
attacks on the Gaza strip on Monday.

Palestinian resistance fire home made

shells at southern Israel
A Palestinian resistance group claimed responsibility
for firing three home-made shells at the southern
Israeli town of Sederot, the action caused no damage or injures.

Israel detained 926 Palestinians last week
For illegally residing in Israeli cities, a total of 926
Palestinians were arrested last week, said Israeli police
on Sunday. According to Israeli radio, a police spokesperson
said Israeli border police had participated in arresting
those persons who had not obtained necessary permits
to reside in Israel. Most of those prisoners were deported
to their residences in the West Bank, he added.

Israeli army kidnaps at least six Palestinians
across the West Bank
Israeli army invaded three West bank cities,in the
early hours of Monday morning. Illegally arresting
around six Palestinians from;Nablus, Jenin and
Bethlehem in separate operations, carried out in
the early hours of Monday morning.

Beit Hanoun mayor responds to Israeli
counterpart: your rockets kill our people
A mayor of Palestinian border town of Beit Hanoun
on Sunday responded to his Israeli counterpart,
saying the Israeli missiles "kill our people." If the
makeshift rockets that the Palestinian armed groups
fire from Beit Hanoun into southern Israeli city of
Sderot "cause panic among the residents, the rockets
that Israeli army fire on Beit Hanoun kill our people,"
said Beit Hanoun mayor Mohammed al-Kafarna.

Man murdered in Tira; residents
say he was a collaborator
Ahmad Ziad Samara shot to death by masked gunmen
in his office; attackers still at large. Residents: Samara
was a collaborator from Qalqilya, no one is sad he was killed.

Hamas vows to use 'all means' to break Gaza siege
Hamas vowed early Monday to use any means to breach
the Israeli embargo on the Gaza Strip, hours before a
planned mass rally in Gaza to protest economic sanctions
against the Hamas-controlled area.

Hamas accuses Abbas of playing

role in Gaza closure
Islamic Hamas movement on Sunday accused
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of having a
role in Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip, urging him to
stop "extorting the people." Fawzi Barhoom, a
spokesman for Hamas, referred to his movement's
efforts to reopen Rafah crossing point that connects the
Hamas-ruled Gaza and Egypt, adding that Abbas met
with the Egyptian President and told him that Rafah
will not be opened away from a previous international deal.

Israel warns against any Gaza border breach
Israel said on Sunday it would prevent any attempt by
Palestinians to break through the Gaza Strip's border
with the Jewish state in defiance of an Israeli-led blockade.

A human chain in Gaza,
in protest of the Israeli siege
Thousands of Palestinian men and women including
school children and deputy of parliament of the ruling
Hamas movement took to main streets in the Gaza
Strip Monday, in protest of the ongoing
Israeli blockade of the coastal region.

Haaretz: The Palestinians' ultimate

doomsday weapon: Non-violence
The Palestinians have kept their ultimate doomsday
weapon under tight wraps for 40 years. Israel knew
about it. Israelis senior commanders could only pray
that the Palestinians would never take it out and put it
to actual use. Every Israeli soldier who served in Gaza
knew about it, and also knew the hollowness in the
declarations of IDF brass that "The army will now
how to deal with it, should it happen."

Gazans stage mass protest
against Israeli blockade
Thousands of Palestinians formed a human chain in the
Gaza Strip on Monday in a protest against an Israeli
blockade that has deepened hardship in the
Hamas-controlled territory.

ANALYSIS: Mass Gaza march puts
Hamas in a win-win situation
Israel's concern about a possible scenario involving
Hamas marching masses of civilians to the fence
separating the Gaza Strip from the western Negev is
not based on a vague hunch. It is founded on intimate
knowledge of the intentions of the Islamist organization's
Gaza leadership, and it requires thorough and detailed
preparations on the part of the Israel Defense Forces.

Israeli anarchists commend
Gaza rally against blockade
Extreme-left group hopes thousands will join Gazans'
protest against Israeli blockade on Strip, calling it
inhumane, illegal and immoral; as right-wing MKs
call on IDF to prevent infiltration 'at all costs'.

'The world has condemned Gaza to death'

Beit Hanun - Palestinians were forming a human
chain the length of the Gaza Strip on Monday in protest
at a crushing Israeli blockade. Under a light rain,
thousands of schoolchildren were joined by adults
along Salaheddin Road, the main highway traversing the
centre of the impoverished coastal strip.

Hamas loyalists turn preacher's
funeral into W. Bank protest

Thousands of angry Hamas loyalists on Sunday marched
at the funeral of a Muslim preacher who died in the
custody of government interrogators, accusing the
Palestinian Authority of killing the man and turning
the ceremony into a rare show of defiance against
President Mahmoud Abbas.

PA security quells funeral march
of Barghouthi
RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The PA security elements in
Ramallah suppressed on Sunday the funeral march
of Sheikh Majd Al-Barghouthi who was tortured to
death by the PA intelligence apparatus in its jails.
Palestinian eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that
PA security elements used without any warning a baton
charge on the participants in the funeral procession and
beat without mercy many Palestinian citizens who wanted
to bid farewell to Sheikh Barghouthi, a mosque imam in
Ramallah, who was loved and esteemed by a large
segment of the Palestinian citizenry. The eyewitness
also explained that the security elements came unexpectedly
from behind the massive march and started to beat, drag
and round up a number of young men, adding that a number
of injuries in the heads and other areas of the body were
recorded in the ranks of the funeral participants.

Crowds vow revenge at West
Bank funeral of Hamas imam
Thousands of West Bank Hamas supporters vowed
revenge on Sunday at the funeral of an imam from
the Islamist movement who died while in the custody
of Palestinian security forces. The crowds condemned
the West Bank government as they carried the body of
Majed al-Barghuti, draped in a green Hamas flag, from
the mosque where the 42-year-old used to lead prayers
to a cemetery outside Kobar village.

Hamas says leader killed
to extract "sham confession"
DAMASCUS (Reuters) - Hamas on Sunday accused
Palestinian forces loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas
of torturing one of its leaders to death to extract "sham
confessions" that the Islamist group was trying to
set up a West Bank militia.

Illegal Israeli siege on Gaza reaps
more lives of sick Palestinians
Palestinian citizens Mohammed Ahmad Al-Hindi and
Ahmed Lubbad died on Saturday after the Israeli
occupation authority denied them exit permits to
receive medical treatment outside the besieged
Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources reported.
The Gaza Strip has been under crushing Israeli
economic blockade that was strongly supported by
the USA and the EU. The embargo killed scores of
innocent Palestinian civilians.

In rare ruling, court orders settlers

off Arab family's land
Atef Ahmad, from the village of Saniriya, east of
Qalqilyah, admits that when he turned to the
Jerusalem Magistrate's Court to request that settlers
be removed from his family's property, he did not
really think anything would come of it.

Canada's top court rules out 'Jerusalem,

Israel' in passports
OTTAWA - A Canadian Jew has lost his court battle
to have his birthplace, Jerusalem, recognized as part
of Israel on his Canadian passport. The Supreme Court
of Canada has refused to hear an appeal by Eliyahu
Veffer, who wanted his passport to show that he was
born in "Jerusalem, Israel," rather than "Jerusalem."
Veffer appealed to the Supreme Court after lower courts
ruled that Canada's policy did not unreasonably violate
his freedom of religion, nor did it unfairly discriminate
against him.

Jordan starts supplying West Bank's
Jericho with electricity
Amman - Jordan's National Electricity Power
Company (NEPCO) on Monday started supplying
the West Bank city of Jericho with electricity, an
NEPCO official said. It was the first time the
Palestinian city had received power from Jordan
since 1967 when Israel captured the West Bank
from the Hashemite Kingdom in the Six Day War.
Supplying Jericho with Jordanian electricity was
agreed in mid-2007, following a request by Palestinian
President Mahmoud Abbas to Jordan's King Abdullah II.

Israel's refuseniks: The wild frontier
Deep in the occupied West Bank, a group of hardline
settlersis reasserting Jewish 'ownership' of territory that
any peace deal would hand to the Palestinians. Donald
Macintyre reports.

TA cinema to screen 'Jenin, Jenin'
on eve of director's libel trial
The Tel Aviv Cinematheque will screen
Mohammed Bakri's controversial film "Jenin, Jenin"
on Monday night, on the eve of the director's libel trial.

The Global Day to end Gaza Siege, Holland

Lieberman to Zahalka: We'll make

sure you end up where you deserve
Disagreement between Yisrael Beiteinu chairman, Balad
leader regarding integration of Israeli Arabs in National
Service turns ugly as former calls Arab MKs 'a fifth
column'; latter replies with 'shut up, fascist'.

Ma'ariv: Leviev's Diamonds at the Oscars

Human rights organizations around the world warn
against wearing Angolan diamonds at the Oscar
ceremony. Again Leviev is in the headlines. Leviev is
loaning Oscar nominees jewelry for the award ceremony
tonight organized by the U.S. film academy
(Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences).
Human rights activists from Adalah-NY have asked
the organizers of the 80th Oscar ceremony to
respond in this matter.

Israel to boycott UN's 'Durban II'
conference on racism
Israel will boycott the United Nations "Durban II"
conference on human rights, Foreign Minister Tzipi
Livni announced Sunday in Jerusalem at the annual
meeting of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism.

The Zionist Agenda 2008
The Israeli Agenda openly defended, publicly practiced
and aggressively pursued by the Zionist power configuration
(ZPC) has greatly influenced the US Presidential elections
and the likely future course of Washington's Middle East policy.

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