Monday, June 11

616 Palestinians killed by fellow Palestinians!

Statistics can be intense. This is one of them: 616 Palestinians have been killed in internal fighting since February 2006. One can imagine the number of injured and now disabled. Can we not learn from this and other mistakes?

Let's get one thing straight: Palestine is under occupation! Then what on Earth are they fighting for? Like I have said before, people are dying and the two so-called 'main' parties are fighting over turf they have no control over anyway -- like gangs in the USA.

We need Palestinian Consciousness, not Fateh or Hamas. Let us remember that the majority of the population is not happy with what is going on, but is afraid to take action (or is not reported on).

The 616 Palestinians have families. Let us regroup and strategize to liberate Palestine from its occupation.

Fadi Saba

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