Monday, September 1

The 2015 colors from Palestine Calendar In Support Of BDS

Dear Friends
For 51 days Gaza  resisted the most savage and criminal attack in recent human memory, Gaza is being destroyed and its civilian population is massacred and the world governments is silent and complicit We the world population will be the force to bring justice to Palestine and to bring the war criminals of Israel to face the international criminal court. Israel should not remain above the law and should be held accountable for her actions. Until Israel complies with the international law we should keep the pressure on; the most powerful tool we have is to isolate Israel from the international community through the BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment and sanction). 

Resistance Art will donate all proceeds from the sales of “Colors from Palestine” 2015 Calendar to support the BDS campaign.

The 2015 calendar is tribute to the late Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout.  12 talented Palestinian artists participated in the calendar; follow the link below to buy and view the art work in the calendar

As in the past the calendars will be sent on consignment. The 2015 calendar is ready to be shipped; to place an order please emails your requests to: or call 416-876-5553 Please keep in mind that shipping time to Europe, Japan, Australia and the Middle East can take up to 10 weeks

Long live Palestine, we will not forget

Thank you
Mohammad Said
Resistance Art

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