Monday, August 25

must read: "Israel Project's Guide to Proven Pro-Israel Communications" (pdf file) (understanding zionist propagandists, apologists)

You CAN identify zionist propagandists; this is their play-book - their own words. 
(fwiw: I run into their trickery all on a daily basis; they think i don't know:-)

also fyi, from wikipedia:
pf soto

"The Israel Project was founded by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Margo Volftsun, and Sheryl Schwartz in 2003. Ms Mizrahi served as its president until the spring of 2012. Initially started to change US and European perceptions of Israel, it had worked in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian Arabic, and Chinese to reach a global audience. However, from the end of 2012; TIP decided to shut down its 'Global Affairs' unit. In 2007 its board of advisors included thirty-two Democratic and Republican members of the US House and US Senate, plus former Ambassadors from Israel. TIP operates offices in Washington DC and Jerusalem.

"The Israel Project is not affiliated with any government [], and it claims to have a team with decades of experience in media, government, policy institutes, research, academia and the military. TIP "works tirelessly to help protect Israel by improving Israel's image". In their online mission statement they describe themselves as saying "Our team of trusted Middle East multi-lingual experts and former reporters provides journalists and leaders with fact sheets, backgrounders and sources. TIP regularly hosts press briefings featuring leading Israeli spokespeople and analysts that give journalists an opportunity to get information and answers to their questions face-to-face.”

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