Thursday, July 17

Urgent action needed! Tell U.S Senators to oppose even more tax money to Israel!

As the slaughter in Gaza continues, the United States Congress is about to approve even more of our tax money to Israel!

A Senate subcommittee has voted to double the amount of money it would give Israel's "Iron Dome" missile defense system in 2015. In addition to the $3.1 billion we already give to Israel each year, Congress now wants to send another $621 million.

To make matters worse, the same bill would make a $500 million cut to the American defense budget.

The bill will go before the full Senate Appropriations committee tomorrow at 10 am, so there is only one hour left today to contact members of the committee and let them know you oppose this! (You can also calltomorrow morning before 10 am EST).

Rather than spending a lot of time on one phone call, we urge you to call each of the potentially receptive senators below and spend just 15 seconds on each call, saying, "Please tell the senator to vote against the additional funding to Israel in tomorrow's Defense Appropriations bill, especially since Israel is massacring people in Gaza right now." 
This action should only take 10 minutes of your time. (If you can't do all 25, please at least call the first three.) You can do this easily by Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and asking for the office of these senators (one at a time):
  • Tom Harkin, IA
  • Tom Udall, NM
  • Patrick J. Leahy, VT
  • Mark Begich, AK
  • Lisa Murkowski, AK
  • Richard C. Shelby, AL
  • Mark Pryor, AR
  • Dianne Feinstein, CA
  • Dan Coats, IN
  • Mitch McConnell, KY
  • Mary L. Landrieu, LA
  • Barbara Milkulski, MD
  • Jeanne Shaheen, MO
  • Thad Cochran, MS
  • Jon Tester, MT
  • John Hoeven, ND
  • Mike Johanns, NE
  • Jeff Merkley, OR
  • Jack Reed, RI
  • Lindsey Graham, SC
  • Tim Johnson, SD
  • Lamar Alexander, TN
  • Patty Murray, WA

    Please forward this email to your contacts and share our Facebook post! If enough of us act, our voices can make a difference.

    Thank you for your commitment to peace and justice in Israel-Palestine.

    Best regards,

    The If Americans Knew team

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