Thursday, July 31

At least 129 Palestinians have been murdered on Wednesday, and over 400 wounded by Israel

26 Palestinians Killed in Wednesday Afternoon Airstrikes; Including 17 Killed in Crowded Market

Throughout the day, on Wednesday, casualties have been pouring into hospitals in every part of Gaza, as medical facilities have had to turn to backup generators for power after Israel bombed the main power station on Tuesday. Among the dead are 17 people who were killed in an airstrike on a market in Shuja’eyya. At least 129 Palestinians have been killed on Wednesday, and 400 wounded.

Update 11:40 pm July 30th

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports an additional twenty people killed, and many more injured, in Israeli airstrikes in Jabalia, in northern Gaza, and in al-Bureij, in central Gaza. Most of those killed are still awaiting identification. One has been identified as:
Ismail Bassam al-Qassas, 23

In Khan Younis, a Palestinian died of wounds sustained in Israeli shelling earlier on Wednesday. He has been identified as:
Fayez Ahmed ' Omar Abu Oleyan, 21.

This brings the total number of people killed on Wednesday to 129, with over 400 wounded. 

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Wed, 30 Jul 2014 22:54:00

In Kamal Adwan Hospital, in northern Gaza, doctors who have been struggling to deal with the dozens of wounded and 15 killed, earlier Wednesday, in a strike on a school serving as a shelter have also had to deal with an influx of dead and wounded being brought to the hospital from other strikes.

Those killed include:
1. Husam Mohammad al-Najjar 
2. Sha'aban Abdul-aziz al-Jamal. 
3. Alaa' Joudy Khader

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported the arrival of 17 killed and 200 injured, to al-Shifaa hospital, after the Israeli Air forces targeted the Shuja’eyya market in eastern Gaza. They have been identified as:
4. Mohammed Mazen Moussa Foda 
5. Ahmad Abdulkarim Hannoun 
6. Saadi Saadi Faraj 
7. Hussein Saeed Kar're'ra 
8. Hamdi Sadi Abu Zour 
9. Abdulkarim Hussein El-Selk 
10. Aahed Ziad Al Gharabli 
11. Abdulaziz Ibrahim El-Beltagy 
12. Lena Ala'a El-Selk 
13. Abdulaziz Mohammed El-Selk 
14. Abdel Halim Mohammed El-Selk 
15. Moataz Bassam Deeb 
16. Mahmoud Mohamed Ragab 
17. Moaaz Khaled Tayeh 
18. Malak Jalal El-Selk 
19. Amina Mohammed El-Selk 
20. Layan Nael El-Selk

Three Palestinian civilians were killed in an airstrike on Gaza City, their bodies brought to Nasser Hospital. They were identified as: 
21. Abdullah Fayez Fayad 23 years 
22. Suhaib Salleh Salama 23 years 
23. Ibrahim Yusuf al-Astal 35 years

In Khan Younis, a Palestinian died of his wounds. He was identified as:
24. Aassem Ahmed Baraka 25 years 

And in Deir al-Balah, in northern Gaza, two Palestinians, including a young child, were killed in air strikes that targeted homes. They were identified as:
25. Mayar Jamal Abu musbeh, 9 yrs 
26. Mohammad Tayseer Abu Hazaa', 25 yrs

Today’s latest casualties bring the total number of Palestinians killed in the offensive which began on July 8th to 1359, with 7677 wounded, according to the Ministry of Health.

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