Sunday, December 8

Human Rights Violations In the Occupied Palestine in 2013

This year is one of the worst in regards to the  situation in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and there is not yet an end in sight. Rather, day- by-day the situation continues to worsen with civilians paying the price.

The summary report for 2013 outlines the human rights violations committed by  as well as by the Palestinian security services and the two governments in  and. The report also includes information about ongoing settlement expansion and related violence and the ongoing closure of the .
Regrettably, the international focus has been reduced to issues related to basic needs and means of subsistence, including electricity and  supplies, and allowing the entry of some basic goods, such as construction materials rather than addressing the underlying causes of the ongoing .
This report aims to shed light on the numerous human rights violations and the institutionalization of policies and laws that continue to undermine the rights of the Palestinian people.
The full report is available online at:

Full text of the report:

Summary Report On Human Rights Violations In 2013


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