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old mass graves of Palestinians discovered in Jaffa

Photo / new discovery of mass graves cemetery "Alkzachana" Jaffa

She said, "Al-Aqsa Foundation for the stop and heritage," said Haji Mohammad Blonde center renovation project graves cemetery "Alkzachana" historical incident in the neighborhood "mountain city of Jaffa recently discovered mass graves in the cemetery containing the remains of the martyrs were killed during the Palestinian Nakba in 1948. 
quoted institution Blonde saying that the graves collective containing the remains of the skulls and skeletons of hundreds of martyrs who fell in battles with gangs, "Zionism" in Jaffa, noting that the discovery of graves came during the Islamic movement in the city project Restoration of graves that collapsed a large part of them by factors of nature. 
added Blonde "Through our work in the restoration project cemetery discovered several mass graves dating back to the Palestinian Nakba and the revolution against the British occupation in 1936. " 
He explained that these graves containing the remains of the martyrs who have fallen since then, it was noted of skulls and skeletons that the martyrs of different generations, including children, have been confirmed to me this information through novels for older people in the city. 
stressed that the current situation in the cemetery need to pause a serious and hard work in order to maintain and preserve the sanctity of the dead, where, as 85% of the graves need to repair, and are exposed to the risk of obliteration and extinction, and all this needs to be concerted efforts and work to complete this project. 
said that the project is important for several reasons, especially as the modern spins on Tomb of historic proportion of the martyrs which is very high, and this in itself requires us to great lengths to preserve it we as Muslims. 
appealed to each of possession of information indicating the presence of graves belonging to the martyrs or scientists orientation to us and let us know about it so that we do our duty towards her, pointing at the same time that many of the tombs belonging to the elders and the martyrs of the city of Jaffa is still not clear. 
pointed out that the number of graves in the cemetery of more than 4000 grave, we have so far restored more than 400, and we still persist in the restoration of all the graves in the hope that it is finished mid-year 2014, then سنسجل this achievement for the largest project in terms of the Islamic holy sites in Jaffa. 
centered restoration work - according to Blonde - About preview tomb and highlighted, and then constructed and the development of evidence it again, through a cadre specialist, stressing that the project works are in full swing and the support of the people of the city and benevolent where, under the supervision of the Islamic movement. 
part, commended Al-Aqsa Foundation for the efforts carried out by the Islamic Movement in Jaffa in general and the Project Center Mohammed Blonde In particular, confirmed their support for the project and stood beside those who support it. 
pointed official file sanctuaries in the organization Abdul Majeed اغبارية to work in "Alkzachana" began years ago, where the cemetery was in a deplorable until almost weeds and thorns covering most of the graves there. 
explained that the brothers in the Islamic movement have done and the effort sustained over the years until it reached the cemetery to what it is now, and we are extending them a helping hand to complete the journey tender and communicate with the cemetery. 
was a delegation from the Al-Aqsa Foundation included Vice President of the Foundation Haj Sami Rizkallah Abu brain and is responsible Abdul Majid shrines file اغبارية visited the cemetery in order to communicate and learn about the functioning of the restoration project, the delegation also inspected the mass graves that have been discovered.
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