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Israel Blackmailing Obama! Expanded!

Furthermore, the Israelis and “the Lobby” are well aware they have Obama on the run. He has already caved in to most of their wish-list…but for their final “guaranteed us WAR” demand.

by Mark Bruzonsky

The Israelis pushed Jimmy Carter out of Washington, even secretly dealing with the hated Iranian Mullahs to do so, in order to bring in Ronald Reagan and the early Neocons.  Shortly thereafter, with Reagan’s blessings, they invaded Lebanon leading to a long disastrous occupation, the birth of Hezbollah and Hamas, the rise of suicide bombers, escalating anti-American on top of anti-Israeli passions throughout the region, and today’s entrenched Apartheid occupation.
1980: Ronald Reagan (R) defeats Jimmy Carter (D).
Then the Israelis helped instigate Contragate, rushed to greatly expand their settlements  (bringing on the Infifada uprisings which were to become a model for the Arab Spring), pushed our world to 9/11, quickly stimulated the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and continually kept hyping the themes of “radical Islam” and “Clash of Civilizations”.
Now in 2012 an even bigger and far more dangerous Israeli scheme is underway.  The Israelis and their multiple Jewish Zionist operatives and organizations want to ignite the region into an unextinguishable multi-dimensional conflict to suit their expansionist and paranoid proclivities.
Now the current American President is being blackmailed.  If he doesn’t provide Israel still more super advanced armaments and still more vast quantities of monies, and if he doesn’t promise Israel that if reelected the US will attack Iran on Israel’s behalf, that they the Israelis will ignite the Middle East region on their own during the election campaign and maybe seal Obama’s fate.  As Carter before him the Israelis are in the process as making Barack Hussein Obama — another President who tried to champion an end to their settlement expansions and even a rump unreal quite-castrated “Palestinian State” — into a “failed” one-term President.
The threat goes that regardless of Obama’s opposition they can use the massive power of their Lobby and their tight grip on the American Congress and media to force the US to join in regardless of  US policies and national interests.
Multiple efforts — some sparked by, some coordinated with, the Israelis — are simultaneously underway undermining Obama’s prospects whatever he says and does.   His compliant Israeli-centric speech to the U.N. last September they want to be greatly amplified and made even more to their liking this year!
Netanyahu gets more standing ovations than Obama
Add to this their further blackmail threat to undermine and block even a second-term Obama using the Congress and the media is quite credible.  Remember those 29 standing ovations for Netanyahu before that rare Joint Session of Congress earlier this year?   Remember the power of AIPAC, and now CUFI, and the many other highly-partisan, well-funded and well-staffed organizatons that has been demonstrated so many times in the past?
Bottom Line: It’s an outrageous and quite convoluted Israeli blackmail scheme and they are getting away with it!
The Israelis are so use to successfully manipulating the US, as well as the EU, to get their way — year after year, crisis after crisis — that they are now pulling out all the stops, using all their tricks and operatives.  They are super-charged this go around and they still have political afterburners to kick in if and when needed.
Furthermore, the Israelis and “the Lobby” are well aware they have Obama on the run. He has already caved in to most of their wish-list…but for their final “guaranteed us WAR” demand.
But that one too they are expecting to achieve and they already have Congress and Obama on record pledging but not quite promising hot WAR with IRAN – an unprecedented cold and warming war is already underway.   The Israelis are continually manuevering unrelentingly in order that this war decision about when and how will be theirs — not one based on American national interests but rather on their own hard-line Zionist visions.
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Mark Bruzonsky holds dual advanced degrees in international affairs and law from Princeton University and New York University where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar.   He is a journalist and international affairs consultant and the publisher of as well as the now under development WashReport.  He writes and speaks frequently about world affairs, U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East, the underlying realities of policy-making in Washington, and U.S.-Israeli relations.  His now daily blog is headlined “Insightful, Irreverent, and Ferociously Truthful”. Bruzonsky was the producer and host of the weekly TV program Mid-East Realities from 1994 to 2004 when it was broadcast during primetime evening hours on all the cable TV systems in the Washington, DC area.  Many of these programs are now available online.

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