Wednesday, July 25

Save Susiya : Palestinian village at risk to be leveled again

My name is Nasser Nawajah, I'm 30 years old and 
a resident of a Palestinian  village called Susiya in the occupied West Bank. My home is here in the Hebron hills that Israel calls an  "illegal outpost" and they have demolished our town five times since 1985, even poisoning our wells.

 I'm writing to ask for your help to stopping the next demolition of my village in just days.

An ultra right wing zionist group successfully petitioned the High Court to have our village demolished — but with help from friendly groups in Israel, we've won a brief reprieve of two weeks. But the bulldozers are due to tear down our homes in days. My people have lived on this land for generations. It's time to stop the forced evictions and occupation of my land. Not one more village should be destroyed.

The Israeli authorities want to demolish our clinic, our granaries and our solar panels — the only electricity we have — and this will keep happening unless people from all over the world stand with us in our struggle. Join us now to ensure that Israeli authorities know that the world is watching. Sign this petition now and share with your friends.

Sign the petition at the link below:


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