Monday, July 23

Beware – Blood Thirsty Zionists Final Set Iran Trap

by Zen Gardner
If it was any more obvious, the headlines would flip and tell the truth for once. But they won’t. Zionist warlord Netanyahu and company are working hard at laying the groundwork for a Mossad attack somewhere with the usual misdirect to those they want to invade and kill as the villains.
Just as they did with 9/11 via complicit oligarchs and their war machine stooges.
And the mindless masses will fall for it. Oh, many are waking up but still not enough to scream the alarm like everyone should. Nevertheless, the alternative media awareness increases daily as do its adherents and those new to the wake up of all this staged insanity.

Iran – the New al CIAda…

So, below is Netanyehaa’s latest American-promoted mindswill to condition the blind Americans on “how to view” what’s happening and about to happen.
As usual it’s absolute BS as these were no doubt Mossad and their operatives staging all this. Notice how similar these smaller staged attacks, focusing on Israeli’s now, are to the attacks on American installations prior to 9/11? The USS Cole, Embassy bombings, etc., all attributed to Osama Bin Had to get the imprint in place for the big event.
Clever little bastards, aren’t they? All to set the stage for the al CIAda illusory fall guy organization. Notice al Qaeda are OK now and being used to overthrow countries? They even threw a soldier in jail for shooting an al Qaeda operative.
Why the reversal? So they can get everyone to focus on a new terrorist enemy…yes, Iran. They just slip the change in there and no one notices.
Oh how the world is so easily brainwashed…

Israeli PM: “Unquestionable” that Iran is behind Bulgaria attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week’s bombing in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists was certainly committed by the terrorist organization Hezbollah with the support of Iran.
“We have unquestionable, fully-substantiated intelligence that this was done by Hezbollah backed by Iran,” Netanyahu said Sunday on “Face the Nation.”
“You’d think, you’d surmise intelligently, that if Hezbollah backed by Iran did this in Cyprus a week earlier, the same modus operandi repeats itself in Bulgaria,” he said, referring to a planned attack on the island nation. “The Prime Minister of Israel sees more than that,” Netanyahu added.
“We’ve been witnessing over the last two years an Iranian-sponsored global campaign, along with its sidekick Hezbollah, to launch terror attacks against Israelis,” the prime minister said.
Oh really Bebe? Have we? Got one iota of proof, you liar? What bullshit war propaganda.
Host Bob Schieffer asked Netanyahu about possible attacks on Israeli athletes at the London Olympics which begin Friday.
“We are vigilant about the possibility they might attack elsewhere but we won’t give specific details,” he said. “I am not confirming anyinformation we have on the Olympics.” Source
What a sly devil. He’s saying nothing while implying they have the goods on Iran. Nauseating and wicked to the core.

“The Spirit of Zionism” sculpture in London dedicated to the Olympics. For real.  A little on the obvious side?

Blood Thirst for an Olympic False Flag?

This feverish build up to something happening at the Olympics is almost begging for an incident, in spite of how contrived it all obviously is.Again, the event could take place somewhere else while the world is watching the Olympics, and then other stuff goes apeshit just to give the appearance of a worldwide terror attack and everyone everywhere has to shut down.
Don’t forget, they still have that USS Enterprise option or something similar “floating” out there.
Again, I don’t know what’s about to happen if anything, but the stage is set and these people are sick and clearly up to no good.
What’s strange is I’m sensing this primeval desire being conjured up in the mass mind, a sort of occult thirst for blood being summoned by these wicked forces. It’s weird, but I’m glad David Icke is doing what he is in countering the spirit of this satanic blood occult ritual. (see his website for details)
The fact that this Olympics has Zion as its overbearing theme is quite disconcerting, especially in light of these other war drum factors.

But Wait, There’s More!!

“Sound the alarms! Send in the Mossad!! Iran is planning something, we’re sure of it!” Especially when you’re the trigger man!

Israel ‘fears Iran Olympics attack’

Israel has bolstered its security presence for the London Olympics amid fears that an Iranian terror squad in Europe may be planning an attack on its athletes, according to a press report Sunday.
Scotland Yard and MI5 are believed to have raised their assessment of the threat against the Israeli delegation following last week’s suicide attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria, the Sunday Times reported.
How convenient. They just happen to have half their armed forces on alert in the most militarized event in history! Now they have a reason..nice timing. You can almost hear the praise Zion songs in the streets now…
The Israeli government has reportedly dispatched agents from its internal security service Shin Bet to protect its team of athletes.
Meanwhile Israel’s foreign security service Mossad is said to have sent a team, codenamed Bayonet, to Europe in search of a group of terror suspects believed to be working with Iran’s Quds force and Hezbollah.
Again, how convenient. Same scenario. Wherever there’s a false flag there’s secret service and bomb experts already there. What a coincidence!
Quds, the special operations unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has recruited several white European Islamic converts, including two from Germany, one from Sweden and two Britons, security experts were cited as saying.
The bus bombing which killed six people in the Black Sea resort of Burgas last Wednesday has sparked fears of a repeat of the 1972 Munich Olympics attack by Palestinian gunmen in which 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were killed.
You’re gonna be hearing about the Munich incident ad nauseam, same sickening drum beat as the contrived holocaust drivel.
One of the terror suspects being sought by Israeli agents ahead of the London games is a man carrying a US passport in the name of David Jefferson, who is believed to have fled after the Bulgaria attack, the Sunday Times said. Source
See the trick here? First of all, EVERYONE’S a suspect. Keep the paranoia high and the “terrorists everywhere” meme alive. And keep the pressure on Americans and keep them invested and involved closely. Also, if someone does see a “white person” who actually is up to something, it won’t be a surprise, like the giveaway CCTV video that surfaced of the white guy in the recent Bulgarian bus bombing that after the government said he was Iranian.
We’ve got their number.

They’re Itching for A Fight

See if for what it is. And be on your toes. There could be a real mess triggered by whatever they pull, whether it’s at this time or some time soon. They have to do this. They want World War 3, and they want the Middle East in their total control.
Russia and China won’t stand idly by. And even though these war lords know that, they’re going for the showdown.
Be prepared. Be alert. Don’t be caught off guard.
Keep your peace.
Love, Zen

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