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People Around The Globe Show They Caring For Gaza

AuthorGilad Atzmon  

Gabi and Vera Raised 11.7000 Euro 

Gilad Atzmon, London: Following our appeal and thanks to your support, we have now managed to raise more than 11.700 Euro. This money is sent directly to the people of Gaza. For the first time I feel that we can make a real change. It is down to us to transform solidarity into a meaningful event.

Gabi Weber, Freiburg:

Usually I dont feel happy when I distribute my newsletters with all the sad stories about Palestine.

Today is different.

It is really an incredible pleasure for me to tell you that our call for donation was so successful that until today we received more than 11.700 Euro!


People from Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States were so generous. We are truely overwhelmed! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Vera Macht, her friends from ISM Gaza and also Nasser and his children started to regain hope because they don´t feel that lost and alone any more. And - we are starting to develop realistic plans to build a house for Nasser and his family. I AM CONVINCED THAT WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN MAKE IT!

Below you find Vera´s THANK YOU and two new texts about the awful situation in Gaza. 

Please don´t stop spreading our messages and calls for donation. 


Best  wishes and THANK YOU AGAIN!

Gabi Weber, Freiburg

Vera Macht, Gaza:

"I would like to thank you a thousand times. Me, the ISM members, and all of us here are overwhelmed and touched by your incredible support and generosity. We haven’t expected that. I want to thank you for the confidence in us and in our work, which you showed us. I want to thank you for having donated to ISM Gaza. There are many humanitarian aid organizations here, but we are primarily a political organization. We believe that what people need here is less charitable gifts, but fundamental human rights, and for that we work. "We don’t want food or clothes," a farmer from the border area told me, "we want to live in safety, we want our children to be able to sleep at night." "I want to live in freedom," a friend told me yesterday. "I want a life like everyone else, I want to study and travel, and not to vegetate in this prison."
I want to thank you for the courage to donate to ISM, and thus recognizing that the suffering of the people of Gaza is a political and not a humanitarian problem, that what happens to them here is wrong.
I want to thank you for enabling us with this money to continue our work, so that we can stay here to work for free. That we will be able to report about what is happening here, that we can support people in peaceful resistance, through demonstrations, or student groups which call for an academic boycott of Israel. Or through the everyday resistance of farmers in the border area, when we accompany them on their fields which are rendered extremely dangerous to enter by the Israeli military.
And of course, especially, I want to thank you on behalf of Nasser and his children, who will get a large part of the money. His suffering is a political one too. Without the Israeli military he, his wife and his children would be a happy family of farmers. But his wife was killed by a flechette shell, his fields are no longer accessible, and Nasser lives in fear of his life and that of his children in a tent. It was you who have given this family through your generous donation the means to live. None of the many charities of Gaza had helped until we became involved, because of the risk their international staff are not even allowed to go so close to the border. Thanks to all of you, the family has food now, clothes, blankets, mattresses, and a second tent. And since there is still money left, and we hope for donations of cement, we will dare to build him against all danger a new house. I want to thank you a thousand times, for the hope that we now see in the faces of this family when we visit them. Hope they got from the fact that they no longer feel abandoned, that they see how people "out there" show not only compassion, but also recognize the injustice that has befallen them.
I would like to thank you for reading my articles, for you not only sharing my and all our despair and helplessness in the face of the situation in Gaza, but also relieving it. I want to thank you that you do not look away.
I want to thank all of you a thousand times that you have shown us and the people here that Gaza is not forgotten.

Vera Macht ISM Gaza


To donate via Jazza Production’s Paypal

To donate via bank transfer:

Beneficiary: Vera Macht

Account Number: 2007474881 (for transfer inside Germany only)
Bank Code Number: 20130600 (for transfer inside Germany only)
Bank: Barclays Bank PLC

Reason for Payment: 4906386296166705


IBAN-Nr.: DE02201306002007474881

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