Tuesday, October 12

They Don't Want Peace, They Want It All!

Michael Hall, 
Back in 48 some people stole some land and called it home
It wasn't right, it was illegal, but they got away with it and called it israel
62+ years later they still want more and inch by inch they take it dunum by dunum
Most of the world disagrees but they still seem to succeed

When you have the biggest, baddest bully on your block as your buddy
You get away with murder, robbery, war crimes and crimes against humanity
What does the world do but say 'tsk tsk someone should do something'
'Arab Brothers' stylishly put on a keffiyeh and say 'hey we're with ya' as they sell oil to the jews

Now we watch israel morph into nazi germany and it's not a pretty sight
Learning from their history, they do what was done to them on their cousins and call it kosher
Facts on the ground while a robbery is taking place as fingers reach for more
Look at  maps from 1948-2010 and you might just learn what is really going on

Sure they talk of peace and talk talk talk till they go away
What is left is the same o' same o'
The right to return is not a poker chip or  can be bribed off
Return what you've stolen and leave us the hell alone what is so hard about that?

Isreal doesn't want peace and never has
It wants all the land and all the posturing they do is just ruse'
Playing from a winning hand they know the game is rigged as long as the usa capitulates
As long as the world stands aside,embarrassed but impotent
Israel will get it all through any and all means

Peace?  Who wants Peace? A society that now demands a loyalty oath?
A people who declared themselves a nation on stolen land without the owners consent?
And now they demand recognition from the people they stole from and whom they still punish every chance they get?
They don't want peace, they want it all and they will get it if they are not stopped

Ten kids shot in the last 3 months inside the open-air prison that is Gaza for collecting rubble by snipers shooting for fun and profit
Abdullah Abu Rahmeh gets a sentence of a year in prison for protesting non-violently a violation of the law
Israel talks of peace and security for the crimes it committs and then wonders why the Palestinians don't jump through the hoop
When your legs are shackled its hard to jump and when your hands are tied it isn't easy to lift yourself off the ground

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