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Is This Why Israel Gets Away With Murder Everytime? "Gaza Convoy Carrying Stolen Nukes"

Gordon Duff
Veterans TodayStolen nukes," missing WMDs that caused Iraq war war in Israel all along

Israeli "rogue nukes" used to justify "crime spree"

In a long secret "lost nuke" scenario dating back to 1991 and involving Israel, South Africa, Britain, Oman and the U.S., Israel claims "self defense" in attacking ships in international waters today, killing 16. Three Israeli "nuclear armed" submarines sit off Iran today, they believe covered by this same deception. This was also the rationale for other acts to isolate Palestinians including walling off hundreds of thousands in a virtual prison in Gaza, walls built and designed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, walls that America should have on its own southern border.

The story involves real missing nuclear weapons. That has been confirmed. Though the weapons may be "technically" missing, the massive undercurrent of secrecy and deception behind this global threat is pure fantasy, fantasy and nightmare. Israel's fantasy about the transfer of these weapons to Syria by Saddam during the 2003 US operation was meant to push for an invasion of Syria under the guise of "chasing WMD's." Israel informed the US that Syria was moving these nukes via ambulance and was planning to set one of them off in Haifa, a claim Israel has repeated numerous times over the years in varied scenarios, each more false than the last.

The story is a long scenario of plots involving the murder of British weapons specialist David Kelly and a number of legal inquiries and maneuvers in Britain to cover the tracks of what has gone on, a cover up that continues to this day. The "Bent Arrow" nuclear blunder at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana was meant to provide cover for Israel by illegally shipping 6 cruise missile mounted nukes to Diego Garcia while reporting them for "demat" disassembly. The moment those nukes were loaded onto a B-52, still attached to cruise missiles, America had gone "rogue" for Israel. Some lies can live forever.

How it all started

The claim that "lost nukes" are with the humanitarian flotilla that was just savaged off Gaza is part of a Mossad deception started years ago. Part of the story was broken by The Guardian when this British paper released documents showing cooperation between South Africa and Israel over Tel Aviv providing nuclear weapons to Pretoria while South Africa was under sanctions for its apartheid policies. By 1975, Israel had already built as many as 50 plutonium bombs at its Dimona reactor opened in 1962. In 1963, President Kennedy demanded they close what he called a "weapons facility" but was murdered soon after. No other American president has mentioned Dimona since.

Mordechai Vanunu, a scientist there, reported this and was kidnapped and imprisoned in Israel, 11 of 18 years in solitary confinement. He is still being held under gag order. You are convicted of treason for spreading "rumors." Early on, Israel decided to turn their "secret" nuclear status into a profit-making business, covered from sanctions by their "special relationship" with the United States.

Few know this, but officially, South Africa built 6 nuclear weapons with the illegal aid of Israel who admits to supplying "technical support" but in fact helped South Africa develop, not only nuclear weapons but chemical and biological agents as well. Some of the "germ warfare" agents were used in Angola by SADF troops. Other weapons developed there, such as BZ "hallucinogenic gas" were sold to the US and used against the Iraqi Republican Guard. This was reported by the South African Truth Commission after the presentation of documents and scientific testimony backing the claim. Weapons resulting from this partnership were even sold to Libya and Iran.

The big secret, 10 bombs built, not 6

South Africa, really Israel, built 10 nukes, not the widely believed 6. One was tested in the Indian Ocean by Israel and South Africa in September 1979 and spotted by US "Vela" satellites that identified the classic "double flash" of a nuclear weapons and was confirmed by acoustic sensors. The Carter administration covered this up as it was thought to be a danger to the Camp David peace accords that won President Carter a Nobel Peace Prize.

This left 9 remaining nukes. Fearing control of nuclear weapons by "Africans," the "whites only" South African government agreed to ship the 9 weapons to the US for disposal. Records of the UN inspection team exist and the accords reached after inspecting the Pelindaba weapons facility in 1990. President Obama, this month, thanked the South African government for this act officially. However, 3 of the nukes were sidetracked by Britain, as we have been informed by high level sources.

Britain agreed to help ship the bombs out and a commission led by David Cameron, current British Prime Minister, travelled to South Africa to make arrangements. However, as this was during the first gulf war, a plot was hatched, we are informed, by high level members of a British political party to buy 3 of the weapons and bleed off money to fund the 1992 elections out of a massive "kickback." This would seem extremely "conspiratorial" had it not left a considerable trail, not only paper but in wrecked careers, ongoing cover ups, inquiries, trials and endless deception from that day forward.

Buying the bombs and losing them down a rabbit hole

We have been informed that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wrote a UOR, Urgent Operational Request, a "no bid" contract to pay 55 million pounds sterling to transport 3 Israeli/South African nuclear weapons to British facilities in Oman to use as a "guarantee" that Saddam Hussein would not use chemical or biological weapons when attacked. The scheme, in itself, was senseless from the start as American forces in the Persian Gulf had significant "special weapons" capabilities in depth as did British submarines on station. The real reason for the move was to generate the contract, we are told, which paid nearly $30,000,000 into the campaign coffers of the man who would be the next British prime minister.

The problem was, the company contracted for this, a seemingly reputable arms supplier, had a "shadowy" relationship trading weapons less officially. Relationships within the company tied directly with the groups the U.S. had used to manage the illicit weapons trade during the Iran Contra scandal that used Israel to move weapons into Iran. Three nuclear weapons, in 20 foot shipping containers heading for Oman fell into the hands of 2 very well known arms merchants, one from Britain and one from the Middle East, both tied directly to Israel. The weapons disappeared and, as we are told, when they were later scheduled to be sent to the US to join the 6 nukes already decommissioned, only concrete blocks were found in their place. How much of the "war on terror has been tied to a "whack-a-mole" effort to find these nukes, we can only guess, not just military actions but "false flag" operations to provide cover?

Britain raided the offices of the company involved, seizing their records and froze the funds of those involved as did the US and the European Union, but it didn't stop there. Too many hands were in the pie for this to be allowed to get out.

The British end

When Gordon Brown started the Iraq inquiry, the story of the missing nukes, well known in certain circles in Britain, started to come to the surface. MP Menzies Campbell began asking questions immediately when documents indicating "existing nukes" came to the surface related to Saddam after Gulf War I. Britain had planned for a contingency tied to nuclear attacks on their bases in Cyprus, attacks based on the possibility Saddam was holding three "missing Israeli/South African" nukes that Britain had "misplaced in transit" years before.

The arms traders tied to the missing nukes and Israel were found to have pumped millions into the British electoral process through intermediaries, more millions, different party, years later. That different party: Tony Blair's New Labor Party.

Questions were asked regarding the mysterious law, The Nuclear Weapons Act, which would allow indefinite detention of any British citizen found tied to a "nuclear explosion." More mysterious were covert attempts to modify that law with statutory limitations that would protect one British prime minister from potential prosecution. This modification was blocked by MI5 chief, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, who resigned rather than see nuclear criminals protected. We are told that a British prime minister "left politics" over "complications" from failing to act on an official briefing received on this issue in 1997. He has now joined the ranks of Bill Clinton, raking in millions on books and lectures.

Why, how and the fallout

Israel snatched the 3 nukes, 18kt uranium 235 weapons, in order to manipulate the United States into supporting, what has become, decades of disastrous policies and to provide a rationale for making the U.S. "look the other way" when Israel is involved in unsavory acts including routine "false flag" operations as with the murder of humanitarians enroute to Gaza, the world's largest "open air" prison. Everything is justified under the guise of deception, even the most outrageous operations can be justified in the search and recovery efforts for these imaginary "lost" nuclear weapons.

Was this the secret rationale for the invasion of Iraq? Israel then reported that the weapons were moved to Syria by three ambulances and were stored in a hospital in Lebanon to hide their "nuclear particle signatures." America didn't buy it, our new sensors know X-Ray equipment from nukes. Thus, Israel's plan to get the US to attack Syria failed.

Now Netanyahu is telling the US that they are in Turkey or Iran, or both, perhaps on ships heading to Gaza. Thus, any attack, no matter how many international laws are violated and what is brought before the UN Security Council, will be covered by a US veto, further delegitimizing the United States due to the "special relationship" with Israel, the "unbreakable bond" sworn to by 444 members of congress.

We are even being asked to bomb nuclear facilities inside Iran to get at possible hiding places for these weapons, which, as they were built long ago, built by Israel itself with South African help, could be stored anywhere, least of all in a nuclear facility, the least likely hiding place imaginable.

"Keep saying 'only six nukes' and maybe people will believe it"

Sometimes a story can be told just too many times with too much emphasis on one issue, "6 nukes." The U.S. destroyed 6 nukes received from South Africa. Britain believes it has adequately covered up its massive blunder and the corruption tied to it. We certainly can't ask David Kelly, one of those tasked with overseeing this project but who could no longer maintain his silence. He is now dead.

We must believe that covert weapons programs in South Africa ended, even though, in 2004, Johann Meyer was arrested for attempting to ship centrifuges from South Africa to Libya that still contained plutonium residue.

We can ignore the crimes related to nuclear proliferation and continue to point to Pakistan and Dr. Khan, when in fact, his pardon by President Musharraf is now believed tied to his cooperation with CIA efforts to locate "lost" nukes that may no longer work by offering new nuclear triggering devices. Efforts were made to sabotage this covert effort in much the same way Valerie Plame's efforts were ended. "Scooter" Libby (Liebowitz) was pardoned after the intercession of AIPAC, the Israeli government and prominent Jews including Alan Dershowitz, Rom Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Nathan Sharansky and Arye Genger, liaison between Israeli presidential liaison, interceded.

The numbers don't really matter, 10 nukes, 9 nukes, 6 nukes or even 3 missing nukes. It could actually be only 2 missing nukes anyway as one of the weapons exploded by North Korea had the signature of the Israeli/South African weapons. Does this possibly explain why a "special country" might not be willing to sign the NPT, Non-Proliferation Treaty? With friends like this, who needs enemies?

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