Sunday, April 25

Palestine for Palestinians, not for Jews

BEIRUT, (PIC)-- Thabet organization has rejected a phrase by American president Barack Obama in his "congratulatory" message to Israel on the 62nd anniversary of its establishment on the usurped land of Palestine in which he said that Palestine is the historical homeland of the Jewish people.

The Beirut-based organization, concerned with the Palestinian refugees' right of return, said in a statement on Thursday that the phrase was a historical mistake, recalling that his deputy Joe Biden voiced similar mistakes when he visited Israel last month and said that the history of Israel was a story of great accomplishment in an area of barren desert.

It charged that Obama's statement constituted an unlimited support for all Israeli crimes against the unarmed Palestinian people and an absolute forgetfulness of the suffering of six million Palestinian refugees, who were displaced in various world areas as a result of the Zionist gangs' massacres during the Nakba (disaster) or the so-called establishment of Israel. The statement also backs the Jewish nature of Israel in preparation for a new massive transfer of what is remaining of Palestine's indigenous people, the organization charged.

Thabet reminded Obama that Palestine was never a country for the Jewish people and that it was the "land of milk and honey" coveted by many invaders such as the Romans, the Crusaders and the Zionists. Palestine is part of an Arab civilization, which the Palestinians developed and the crusaders transferred to Europe that was engulfed in ignorance and racism, it added.

The organization called for reviving the Nakba in the four corners of the world by organizing rallies, sit-ins, seminars, lectures, and other activities condemning occupation and highlighting the right of return for refugees as an inalienable right endorsed by international laws and doctrines and not to heed Obama and his statements or others who gave up Palestinian rights topped by the right of return.

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