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ew Poll from Israel: "53% Of Israeli's Favor Ethnic Cleansing

Here is an interesting article I received on the "reported opinions" of Israelis as to the best solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict? It may just be only Jewish Settler movement that supports Arutz 7’that participated in the poll. It is still disturbing that over 3,200 people who did participate support ethnic cleansing. Harry Feldman critically analyzes the poll in the commentary below and suggests that the poll sample is not representative of Israelis. I wonder if this poll included the 20% of Israelis who are Arab? A thank you to Information Clearing House for the report and to Harry Feldman for the critique.

Ed Corrigan

53% Of Israeli's Favor Ethnic Cleansing

Poll: Transfer Tops Solutions to Arab-Israeli Problem

By Israeli National News

November 20, 2009 (
IsraelNN) Nov. 19, 2009 -- Transfer of Arabs from the Palestinian Authority to actual Arab countries was the most popular solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, according to a poll this week by Israel National News. Of the more than 6,400 people surveyed, 53.2 said 'Transfer of Palestinians to another Arab country' when asked, "What's the best solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict?"

The "two-states for two peoples" solution being pushed by the United States and the international community received 30.8 percent support, while the idea of giving Palestinians Jordanian citizenship was approved by 14.5 percent. Maintaining the status quo received 1.3 percent of the vote.

New poll: 53% of Israelis think ethnic cleansing is the solution to the conflict

by Yaniv Reich

November 19, 2009 - "Hybrid States" -- Israelis talk often and loudly about their desires for peace. But its never been clear precisely what peace concept it is they desire. In particular, Israeli notions of peace have never gone so far as to grant the Palestinians the same national rights that Israelis claim for themselves. Well, according to a new poll by Israeli National News (disclaimer: its a right-wing rag, sample size “more than 6,400″), a majority of Israelis are clear about what kind of “peace” they desire.

53.2% of surveyed Israelis say the “solution” to the conflict was the ethnic cleansing (”transfer”) of Palestinians out of occupied Palestine and into other neighboring Arab countries. This was the most popular option among all alternatives, including the two state solution, Jordanian citizenship in the West Bank, status quo, etc. For comparative purposes, only 30.8% of Israelis support the “two-states for two peoples” framework for peace.

Keep this information in mind next to you hear Israeli hasbara about “partners for peace” or when someone tries to claim that the two-state solution is the only “realistic” solution to the conflict. If only those Palestinians would “recognize Israel’s right to exist”, then everything would be SO much better.


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