Sunday, June 14

65 years in Prison....and 42 years later !!

65 years in Prison....and 42 years later !!
A US-Marine-Ship with many wholes !!!

A US Marine ship was bombed in 1967
by the Israeli Army , disguised in a Russian made planes
to look like the Egyptian Army Airforce.

So many US Marines died and others were wounded.

42 years later ,
A US based Charity Organisation has sent money
and other goods to Hamas.
The Director of that Charity Org. was punished
with a prison sentence of 65 years......
because according to US Law,
Hamas is a Terrorist Organisation
therefore it should not be supported... ...

But ,
may I ask , when Hamas were to be Terrorists ,
what do we consider the Israeli Pilots who bombed
the USS Liberty Ship ???
How come they never got 65 years in prison ??

Can we send charity-money to the Israeli-Airforce , unpunished ??

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Charity-agent for Israeli pilots !!

NB :
That ship was a US-spy-ship ,
about to establish that
it is the Israeli Army
who has started the 1967 War

and not the Egyptian Army.

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