Thursday, February 5

Israeli troops assassinate a Palestinian resistance fighter near Jenin

Early Thursday morning, Israeli forces assassinated 23 year old Aladdin Issam Abu Al Rub. Al Rub was a local leader of the al-Quds brigades, the armed resistance wing of the Islamic Jihad. Before dawn, Israeli Special Forces invaded the southwestern Jenin town of Qabatiya.

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It was 4:30 am in the northern West Bank. Al Rub’s father Issam describes awaking to the sound of an explosion in the house. “There were a number of soldiers inside with many of them pushing into the room where Aladdin’ and two of his brothers were sleeping.” The father of the 23 year old says that Israeli soldiers fired directly into the bed without a question.

The lower side of the wall in Aladdin’s bedroom that he shared with his brothers is blanketted with bullet holes. The mattress on the floor is splattered with blood. His brother Mohammad said, “what happened was horrible. My brother was asleep and I opened my eyes from the blast in the hall and I saw the soldiers over our heads. Before a word they fired several shots at Aladdin’, and killed him in his bed.”

The military said that Aladdin was killed during an exchange of gunfire with Special Forces troops. The Israeli Army added that he had a gun and an explosive belt. In its statement, al-Quds Brigades said that the fighter exchanged fire with the invading forces after they surrounded his home. The Brigades added that this assassination will be met with a “fierce and land shaking retaliation”, and that “the enemy will pay a heavy price for this crime”.

There were no weapons, no Kalashnikov machine gun bullets or a homemade bomb in the house, reports the Abu Al Rub family, despite Israel's claims. “These false claims mislead the facts of what the occupation forces committed, the execution, in cold blood, of someone they could have arrested,” Issam Al Rub said today.

Issam, Al Rub’s father, says that following the killing, “occupation forces seized the body of my son inside the house and expelled me outside. They proceeded to search the contents and made more explosions that caused partial destruction of the walls.” Two hours later Israeli forces returned the corpse of Aladdin Issam Abu Al Rub to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. He was then taken to Dr. Khalil Suleiman Memorial Hospital in Jenin, where doctors report the young man died from three gunshot wounds to the head and chest.

Army sources stated to Israeli media that the fighter was planning attacks against Israeli civilians, adding that two weeks ago, the Israeli Army kidnapped five members of a cell that Abu Al Rob led in Jenin, and that their interrogation led to intelligence information that prompted the Israeli forces to carry out the attack.

The Israeli high Court of Justice ruled in 2006 that if it is possible to detain, question and put on trial, to those who are suspected of military acts against Israel, then this should be done instead of a targeted assassination.

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