Friday, January 30

Forty-Eight Orphans from Gaza On their Way to Israel

Typical Zionist cynicism, racism and vile propaganda!

Look at the highlighted quote if you doubt what the real motives are ...

Absolutely appaling how racist those "liberal" Zionist Kibbutzniks can be and have always been. A cold, utilitarian calculation of cost and benefit and how best to abuse those poor orphans from Gaza to strike a PR coop, while trying to brainwash them to love their ugly oppressors and tormentors!

There is no limit to what they'll do to attempt to recover Israel's "smeared" image as a pariah state led by war criminals, with a parliament that is the closest one can get to those of fascist regimes, and a public that overwhelmingly supprots, justifies, contributes to, and helps to whitewash war crimes and acts of genocide in solid majorities that have not been seen in any fascist society since WWII.

No idea who on the Palestinian side are helping in this effort or what their motives are (personal gains, for sure!), but whoever they are, they are contributing to an immoral act of the lowest form. Every people has its rotten apples, for sure.

Omar Barghouti

Forty-Eight Orphans from Gaza On their Way to Israel

Yedioth Ahronoth (p. 4) by Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad and David Regev -- Forty-eight orphans aged 8-15 from Gaza, whose parents were killed in bombings in the course of Operation Cast Lead, hoped last night to arrive in Israel for two weeks of rest and relief from the harsh reality of life in their homes. The children were slated to arrive in Israel for their visit today, but last night, due to the closure of the crossings from the Gaza Strip, it was not clear whether their visit would indeed take place.

The Haifa municipality, Kibbutz Sasa and the members of the "Candle for Peace and Brotherhood" NPO in Kafr Kassem prepared in the past few days to receive the children, and are awaiting their arrival today, if no last minute change takes place. The children will stay in Kibbutz Sasa, Kafr Kassem and Haifa, as part of a humanitarian initiative by the Kibbutz Movement.

The children can expect to enjoy a rich program in different sites in Haifa: A visit to the science museum and the zoo, a cruise in the Haifa Bay, tours of the city, watching films and plays for children, visiting an active recreation park and other social activities. During their stay, meetings will also be held between the children and Israeli pupils from schools in Haifa.

Yoel Marshak, director of the Kibbutz Movement task force, who operated the volunteer staff for assisting residents of communities that were bombed in the south and who is overseeing the current humanitarian campaign, said yesterday that this was a humanitarian initiative aimed at relieving the situation of orphaned children, not terrorists: "The Kibbutz Movement educates its sons to be first in battle and to kill the enemy that comes to kill you, and with the other hand, after the cannons stop firing, we are adopting orphaned children, who may put an end to wars in the future thanks to this humane act. The children who will receive love from us will remain with this experience for many years, and when they grow up they will extend a hand to peace. I believe that change will only come from young people, based on awareness and desire, and not by agreements."

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav said that the municipality was prepared to receive the children this morning, and that a bus with a municipality representative would await them today at the Erez crossing. "The children are the hope of tomorrow," Yahav said. "We are accepting the challenge of hosting the children from Gaza, in order to show the whole world that things can be done differently."

Welfare Minister Yitzhak Herzog, who is responsible for the humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, welcomed the campaign yesterday: "This is a very important initiative. The State of Israel completely differentiates between helping the civilian population in the Gaza Strip and Hamas."


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