Monday, December 29

Israel’s mass murder in Gaza

Once again we bear witness to Israel’s mass murder of Palestinians; using American made and supplied weaponry!

It was not enough to starve and strangle the very life out of more than 1.5 million Palestinians living in inhumane conditions in Gaza as Israel blockaded the Gaza Strip, one of the most densely populated and impoverished places on the planet, depriving its captive inhabitants of the basic necessities needed for survival, all of that was not enough to sate the appetite of the bloodthirsty Zionist regime as they launched yet another massacre on the Palestinian people, killing more than 250 human beings and injuring hundreds more!

The only crime the Palestinians are guilty of is their desire to be a free people, living on their ancestral lands, free from the tyranny and oppression of the Zionists, and for that, they are continually being massacred, oppressed, and brutalized while the world watches in despicable silence, careful not to upset the Israelis, lest they be accused of being “anti-Semitic”!

This is our tax dollars hard at work in the service of the racist regime in Israel which does not and has never wanted peace. Silence is after all, “complicity”. Shame on all!

Mike Odetalla

Mike Odetalla..."A seed in the eternal fruit of Palestine"


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