Tuesday, July 15

Obama's West-Bank-Story

Raja Chemayel

Candidate Obama will visit

the "Only Occupier in the Middle East"

and that is nothing new......

each US-Senator gets a free-holidays there ,

courtesy of the Holocaust-survivors from Wall-Street.

What is new is that Obama has planned

to visit the West-Bank,as well,

which is most disturbing for any fact-finding-visit

because the West Bank is the real face of Israel

(which explains why they build that wall.....)

in other words :

discrimination , a Wall , apartheid ,land-grabbing,

illegal settlements and occupation

not to forget the 603 check-points

between 247 dried-water-wells.

It happened once to Jimmy Carter,

who visited the West Bank ,

and look what happened to him !!

Carter became an honest US politician.!!

Like Saul who went to Damascus and became Paul !!

he became an honest Jew, or otherwise known as a christian.

And who knows ??,

Obama might return to his Muslim roots, even.

But we should not worry about Obama......

first he must get to become the President

then he should make a war or two

and then to retire............. and only then

he may become an honest person,

and write a book :

" Palestine , Peace not Apartheid, Part II"

Anyhow arrangements are being met

and his Israeli-body-guards shall blindfold him

until he reaches the Air-conditioned-offices

of Mahmoud Abbas , at which point in time the electricity

in Ramallah shall be switched on , temporally of course.

The humiliating and unnecessary check-points

will be camouflaged as Toll-stations.

Stay tuned ......!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom


15 July 2008

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