Wednesday, May 28

Petitions Of The Day

From: Andrew Silvera

Lift Travel Restrictions on Palestinian Journalist

Mr Amayreh was granted an entry visa to Germany. However, the Israeli military authorities have refused to give him a permit to leave the West Bank. No Palestinian can travel abroad without receiving such a permit beforehand, otherwise he or she would be turned back once arriving at the Israeli-controlled border terminal at the Allenby Bridge.

Please sign this petition too, calling for the release of Marwan Barghouthi and send it to as many people as possible...

Suspend EU-Israel Association Agreement - The Petition Site — We call on the EU to suspend trade with Israel until it respects human rights and International Law. The EU is Israel's biggest importer of goods, and its second biggest exporter. In 2006 the total traded between the EU and Israel amounted to 23.5 BILLION Euros. The EU-Israel Association Agreement forms the legal basis for this trading

Release 11.000 Palestinians in Israeli jails!!! Please sign — The Palestinian Prisoners' Support and Human Rights Centre ADDAMEER, declared that the Israeli Zionist forces have arrested almost 6200 Palestinians since the last Intifada started in September of 2000. 350 of those languishing in prison are children who, against international conventions, are still imprisoned in Israeli jails and detention centers

Sign The Universal Declaration of Human Rights — 2008 is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 60th anniversary. It's time for a global conversation about human rights and the values that unite us as one human family. But it can also be a time when each of us chooses to take human rights into our daily lives, by joining a powerful people network. [sign up here]

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