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Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive, The Power of the Truth and the Power of the People are Synergistic

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive, The Power of the Truth and the Power of the People are Synergistic

Speech given by Kevin Zeese

Below is the speech given by Kevin Zeese at the September 15th peace demonstration in Washington, DC.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive

This war started on a pack of lies and continues with more lies piled on. To end this war we must break the tangled web of deceit with the truth.

The lies of Petraeus are so obvious as we see the failure in Iraq every day. They are so obvious I’m not going to use my limited time to dissect them here but I will express amazement at the regard the Congress, especially the Democrats, showed to someone practicing such obvious deception.

President Bush is perhaps the boldest deceiver – calling a country we are occupying our “ally,” and claiming the draw down of troops is due to success, rather than admitting it is to relieve an exhausted military that is fighting a failed occupation.

Bush’s lies have gotten bolder and bolder as Congress fails to exercise their constitutional duty to impeach this president who defines ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’

But let’s talk about some more difficult truths – about the situation we face as a country, as a peace movement and as citizens.

What is it in our culture and politics that makes Bush possible?

What is it that makes Hillary Clinton the front runner – despite being wrong on the war and deeply indebted to the corporate powers and the right wing pro-Israel lobby that wanted this war and wants a war with Iran?

What is it that makes Barak Obama a peace candidate to some – even though he voted to fund this war, would consider a military attack on Iran, would use the military in Pakistan without that government’s approval, and is advocating an expanded military by 100,000 more troops? Sen. Obama is not peace candidate.

My fellow Americans, we are living in a manipulated democracy where corporate-militarists rule. We must remember the role Halliburton and the oil industry play in making occupation pay for war profiteers.

But, we are not powerless. Those in power know they lack the support of the American people and are forced to manipulate elections and the media to keep control. They are forced to use the power of police and the courts to try and suppress demonstrations like these. Is everyone aware that a SWAT team was used to arrest those posting flyers for this rally? And $35,000 in fines have been levied for legally placed posters? The establishment shows they fear the power of the people. Their actions demonstrate that we do have the power to end this war.

How can we use the power we have, to stand and face our situation – one of life and death – for our country and our world?

Let’s make the truth viral. Stay fully informed. Visit DemocracyRising.US and get our weekly newsletter to stay aware of the latest news from our nation’s capital and from Iraq which you can share with friends, neighbors, family and colleagues. Become a virus of truth by being fully informed and spreading the word.

Let’s use our economic power – to support peace groups that stand strong on war and peace.

Let’s use our economic power to create a new economy one that is not oil-based, but green and sustainable; when we do we will weaken the military industrial complex and no longer fight wars for oil.

Let’s use our economic power to boycott those who profit from or support war.

Use our economic power for mass walk-outs from work – for an hour, or a day, or longer.

And, our political power.

Yes, the system is stacked against us but we have power - more power than we realize because it is mostly untapped.

Our political power is not just in voting, the peace movement has the power to shut down this Congress, to shut down this city – the modern Rome – if we are organized enough and fearless enough to do so.

As voters we must first organize as peace voters. Sign the voters pledge at Voters For Peace.US – say you will only support peace candidates by signing the peace pledge at VotersForPeace.US.

We cannot compromise on the issue of life and death, war and peace or the survival of our planet. These are issues of no compromise.

Those who recognize the importance of peace cannot use their votes for those who compromise on these life and death issues.

Not only should peace voters refuse to give their vote to war wafflers, we cannot give our money or our time to them. Indeed, we should give our money and time to insurgents who challenge the corporate-militarist parties from within and more importantly to greens, libertarians and independents who oppose the corporate-militarist parties.

If we want to end militarism we must use our electoral power to end militarism.

If the people want to take back their government it begins with us – us insisting on what we want. In the next election, you cannot waste your vote on candidates who disagree with you on the fundamental issue of war and peace. Voting for war wafflers is a crime of democracy – because you have been manipulated to vote for what you don’t want.

Recognize your power, do not fear your power, use your power – when we use our power than power will return to the people, the government will return to the people and war will become an embarrassment of history.


September 15, 2007 Kevin Zeese is the Director of http://www.VotersForPeace.US and http://www.DemocracyRising.US.


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