Wednesday, April 29

Canaan: A Common Country

The last seven days is a typical week here at the new Palestine Museum
of Natural History: visits by delegations of internationals (a German
group, an Italian group, a group of mixed academics, mother and
grand-daughter from the US, etc), good talks by Karl Sabbagh and Miko
Peled, visits by representatives of three local NGOs for cooperation,
volunteer work at the garden, a field trip that brought several new
species to our attention (including the 50th species of butterflies),
clinical and research laboratory work, working with students (two
girls at Al-Quds and one at Bethlehem did their senior thesis
successfully with my supervision), writing articles, and four media
interviews (two political and two on nature). The lecture by Miko
Peled was particularly insightful as he explained how peace is
impossible with Zionists as they hold racist genocidal ideas integral
the make-up of Zionism. He explained how it is not true that Oslo
process failed; on the contrary it was a brilliant success that
accomplished exactly what it intended to accomplish: normalize theft
and ethnic cleansing and create a quisling Palestinian Authority
(subcontractor to the occupation).

We are saddened to see the unfolding events in Baltimore, USA and the
devastating earthquake in Nepal. It was disgusting to see the Israeli
apartheid regime claim doing humanitarian aid in Nepal (also securing
“Israeli” babies born to surrogate mothers). The media stunt is sick
especially considering the devastating destruction Israel inflicted on
the people of Gaza and still preventing humanitarian relief from 1.7
million imprisoned people in Gaza (most of them refugees ethnically
cleansed by the fascist Israeli regime).

One of my books is now available in German language: "Kanaan: Ein
Gemeinsames Land - Menschenrechte und der Israelisch-Palastinensische
Kampf". This is the correct book title. Here is the book prolog in
Unfortunately some advertising carried a wrong title found also on the
cover (though not inside) of some printed books. But the book
distributed now should have the correct title as noted above.
Hopefully advertising will also be fixed soon. I will be in Germany in
June for those of you interested, send me an email so that I can send
you a tentative schedule.

A synopsis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Very significant report to forward to policymakers and journalists:
Charting a new course for Gaza: overcoming the stalemate

Why St George is a Palestinian hero

Take Action: Tell US Senate Finance Committee You Support BDS

Of course we welcome you in Palestine anytime: join us in the struggle
or to visit and learn.

Stay human

Mazin Qumsiyeh
Professor and Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History (
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