Monday, July 21

Please Don't Allow The Window into Palestine To Shut

Our Main purpose is to assist Palestinians in their Plight some area's include: direct aid to Palestinians in & out of Palestine, Creating awareness online and off.

Donate to make Window Into Palestine Better here & across the Net!

Window into Palestine is associated with the People's Media Group, with various blogger's who take the time to post articles from various sources and offer the platform for Palestinians to post their articles they write - on what's happening in Palestine on this blog and across the web.

Help support Window into Palestine and The Palestinian Cause! 

Support Window into Palestine in spreading in-depth news and information with resources possible in one place! We also make support to various reputable Palestinian operated groups to get funds to Palestine for when aid is needed.
Your support has kept Window Palestine free on the Web since 1997. Your support whatever it is is appreciated! 


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