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    ACTION ALERT: UFree Network condemns renewed solitary confinement of prisoner Abu Sisi

    The European Network to Support Rights of Palestinian 
     Prisoners (UFree) expresses its profound condemnation
     over the ruling of an Israeli occupation court to renew the 
    solitary confinement of Palestinian-Ukrainian prisoner 
    Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, for further 6 months.

    An Israel occupation court in the city of Bi’r Al Sab’,
     decided on, Thursday the 1st of November 2012, 
    to renew the illegal solitary confinement against Abu 
    sisi. It also ruled that Dirar Abu sisi should be banned
     from talking to other Palestinian political prisoners in jail. 
    It is noteworthy that Abu sisi is being placed in solitary confinement cell in Israeli occupation jails since his
     abduction from Ukrainian territories in Europe 
    on the 18th of February 2011.

    UFree clarified that the ruling is a desperate
     attempt from Israeli occupation authorities to blur the details of the terrorist 
    abduction operation. According to UFree it aims to cover up on those partners
     who participated in the crime in fear they will be exposed and presented to court. 
    The network reiterates the fact that Ukrainian government as well as
     European Union are responsible for the abduction of Abu sisi.
    “They are also responsible for transferring him to the occupation state of Israel.
     Let alone, they failed to provide him a protection whereby European laws, 
    residents shall be protected within European territory. Add to this, there is wired
     silence from those two parties over the abduction affair and the reports that came 
    up hint that some European intelligence could be complicit” stated UFree Network 
    An international campaign has just been announced by UFree on the
     16th of October 2012 to support political prisoner Abu sisi. It aims to pressure on
     the occupying state of Israel to release him.
    Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, a family man was kidnapped by Israeli intelligence from Ukraine, and then transferred to Israeli jails where he is being tortured.  He was snatched by force
     and under gun threatening while taking the train from Kharkov city to Kiev in Ukraine.
    In press statements dispatched by the UFree, it asserted that its petition in support
     of Dirar is going on and that the ruling of the court will make the network adamant to
     expose the flagrant and illegal inhuman practices exerted by Israeli authorities.  
    * UFree Network launched a campaign in support of Dirar Abu Sisi, 
    click here to show your support

    UFree Network | Media Centre 
    UFree Network is an independent European-wide human rights network; set up to defend the rights of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees. 

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