Monday, February 23

The Never Before Campaign

I have been really busy as of late and I was interested in what this Campaign was all about, I have seen the following videos below and needed some background info on them and a online buddy Andrew was so nice to send me a message he had received about this Campaign. Thanks alot, really appreciate it! :)

These videos are part of a larger communications campaign which was launched during the Gaza war. Preparations for it had begun before that to be launched in due time, so basically we had to launch it during the war.

The campaign is based in Beirut and is expected to grow to encompass interested people and groups all over the world.

Some of the main points of this campaign go as follows:
- Never before has the an injustice been done to a people to this extent for this long, and the Palestinian people's and resistant and resilient like never before
- No more apologetic attitude in the name of garnering sympathy - it is the world who has to apologize to the Palestinian people
- Supporting the resistance, violent or not (regardless which faction), is an integral part of the campaign
- The Palestinian cause is not a humanitarian issue, it about justice and rights

I hope I answered some of your questions. More clips and more found here

Video One

Video 2

Video 3

Palestine-Hostage-Today I Stand Up

Palestine-The-Never-Before-Campaign-Israel Lies


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