Monday, November 30

URGENT APPEAL - Lets keep the momentum going - Will You Help Keep The Window To Palestine Open

It was the summer of 1996 and we started this blog, we always thought of getting a domain name but never got around to it because we always felt that we would loose the ranking we had on the internet. We have covered all the happenings to the best we could through the years and have expanded ourselves with not only this blog but throughout social media reaching tens of thousands daily on our face book and twitter accounts and else where through out the web. We are the Window that people look into to for all the news, opinions and perspectives from many great sources and writers to those on the front lines in Palestine.

Many hours a week go into this from our dedicated members of this blog from our small room that fills up with our volunteers that blog and tweet away to different areas of the globe where we have concerned citizens who do the same, we try and offer at all times a little token of our appreciation and provide small gifts and financial compensation for the assistance that keeps us going along with providing a little something for writers.

We have a lot of ideas that we are trying to save for to make these ideas a reality.
- video project
- a book about Palestine and the Canadian Perspective
as well as maintain ourselves with better computers and hardware that will allow us to do what we do better and faster.

We thank all our supporters past and future and hope you Please help us grow, any contribution big or small goes along way and is greatly appreciated! for the new year that is soon to be.


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