Thursday, August 6

Israeli foreign minister: Jesus wanted to alter the ' Jewishness ' of Israel and he was condemned to the most excruciating death

 The Baltic Times -- Notorious for his bigotry and racist comments against Israel's 2.2% Christian population and the head of Israel's far-right Yisrael Beiteinu party, Israel's belligerent foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman attacked his country's 168,000 Christians calling them 'fifth column' and denounced the avid American Protestant missionaries for seeking to convert Israel's dwindling Jewish population and propagate Christianity. Addressing a joint press conference after the meeting with his Lithuanian counterpart in Vilnius on Thursday, Mr. Lieberman reiterated that the State of Israel shall remain a democratic entity, though warning that the Israeli government will vigilantly thwart any proselytizing of Jews by American missionaries whose sympathies lie with terrorist Palestinian groups.

"To those Christian so-called peace activists, I shall say their pernicious actions of opposing the unquestionable nature of Israel's religious identity, amount to complicity in crimes against innocent Israeli citizens committed by fanatic Muslim organizations," said Israel's Soviet-born Israeli official, adding, Jesus the Nazarite sought to change the divine foundation of Judaism that ultimately doomed to failure and thus and that brought upon him nothing but excruciating death.

Israel during the past decades diligently strived to assert itself as the guardian of Christian sites in the disputed city of Jerusalem though the emergence of extremist Jewish parties—namely Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu—party in Israelis politics jeopardized Israel's claims as of being a religiously tolerant  regime.

Having been lambasted by human rights organizations for his earlier inflammatory comments against Israel's 5% Arab populations -- threatening to decapitate all Arab-Israeli citizens who are not loyal to the Jewish State of Israel -- Lieberman's recent remarks may harbinger Israel's yearning for war with its Arab neighbors. 

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