Wednesday, June 10

Lets Keep The Momentum Going 4 Palestine

It is difficult some times to keep the momentum going, as we strive in solidarity with Palestine not only here at Window into Palestine to bring a wide variety of news, opinions and the different perspectives to the 4 corners of the internet, but those on the front lines and even especially in Palestine where Palestinians battle daily.
It is June month already and funds are used up big time from May month. We thank everyone in these global hard times for their contributions both financial and sharing the postings. We also thank every one for inviting their friends on facebook as well as twitter both addresses found here: and

Just like the Palestinians in Palestine we keep striving in the face of adversity and appreciate any support in these hard times that you can give  as we still need to buy a new computer that will enable us here to work on our projects that have already got us in debt. Please give what you can, every dollar both big and small counts.

In regards to our projects we are still working on our 20 anniversary book as well as still trying to update and go over this blog to make an official .com as well working on a special project directory for Palestinian Media and News and other useful links.

Once again thanks for your support 

In Peace And Support of The Palestinians And A Free Palestine and for Peace not only in Palestine And Israel but Peace in the Middle East!


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