Saturday, April 4

It Keeps Getting Worse For Kidnapped Palestinians as well Palestinian Elected Officials while the world says nothing



Human rights sources 

revealed that the Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) practices 

brutal violations and assaults against Palestinian prisoners 

held at the Israeli jails. Many of them are endangered of 

assassination inside prisons.

Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies said, in a statement 
on Saturday, a large number of prisoners were subjected, 
during investigation rounds, to brutal abuses by the Israeli 
Shin Bet, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), and the Israeli 
Special Forces such as Matsada, Nahshon and others.
The statement disclosed that 70 Palestinian prisoners died 
in Israeli jails due to brutal torture at investigation rounds.
The Center asked the international institutions to pressure 
the IOA in order to protect Palestinian detainees from 
assassination by direct and indirect methods such as 
physical and psychological torture. Other methods include 
direct killing by live bullets as well as medical negligence.
The number of Palestinian MPs who are detained at Israeli 
jails have risen to 16, in addition to two former minsters, 
after the IOF kidnapped, on Thursday, the Palestinian MP 
Khalida Jarrar, who is also a senior official of the Popular 
Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The number 
was announced by the Director…


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