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Iran nuclear deal and actions

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We have several good news in the span of few days: the win of
Netanyahu (which will accelerate the end of the apartheid regime), the
Iran nuclear deal, the restructuring and maturing Palestinian
leadership inside 1948 areas (including a march from Naqab to
Jerusalem to recognize the "Unrecognized villages"), the foolishness
of Saudi Arabia and Egypt getting into a quagmire in Yemen (even
though Yemeni people suffer but they will win), the relief on not
having the wall plan approved in Beit Jala/Cremisan area (see below),
and Palestine joining the International Criminal Court (even though I
think PA political leaders do not have the spine to actually bring
cases before the court since they put themselves at the mercy of their
occupiers). Oppression though continues here with Israel destroying
home shooting unarmed civilians, and kidnapping our people (including
the honorable Khaleda Jarrar). Of all the new developments, I think
the Iran nuclear deal will prove to be game changing. Lifting the
sanctions on Iran and beginning to normalize relations has many
ramifications. I want to just address one of the most significant: it
proves to the subservient Arab leaders that standing up to Israel and
its lackeys in Washington is possible. Iranian economy was and
continues to be better than geographically and populationally similar
Egypt (subservient regime to Israel) even when the former was
subjected to various sanctions and restrictions for 36 years.
Scientifically Iran was able to publish nearly as much research as
highest four Arab countries combined in the last 20 years. And now as
sanctions are slowly lifted Iran will leap a generation ahead
economically, socially, and scientifically. The reason is rather
simple: Iran (while being restricted by an "Islamic Republic"
ideology) still has competitions for president and parliament and a
relatively open society with respect for minorities and that includes
people who speak Arabic or Hindi or Durzi or other languages not Farsi
(Arabs, etc), and people who are not Sh'ii Muslims (Sunni, Jews,
Christians, Yazidis, etc). I am hopeful the US does not get its arms
twisted to further follies by Israel/Zionists and actually caries
through on its commitment to slowly lift sanctions. If they do, I am
certain Iran will progress in more liberal fashion than any nearby
country (Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Syria or even Turkey). My eyes
now are on Turkey and other countries with leaders who actually can
read the geopolitical landscape to adjust their positions accordingly.
Perhaps Turkey, and Iran, joined by Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon can help
get rid of the Western created and backed fundamentalists and
democratize their own governments free from Israel/US interference.
There are monumental changes that are happening and the struggle is
not easy and maybe be bloody. The US and Europe can still get out of
this with minimal losses and really promote democracy and secularism
in the Western Asia and North Africa by abandoning their promotion of
sectarianism and violence. The biggest single step they can achieve
this is by applying sanction on Israel until it complies with
international law including the right of our Palestinian refugees to
return to their homes and lands. Israel must also end its 50+ racist
laws against non-Jews and hundreds of other laws/military orders that
discriminate against the 4.6 million Palestinians in the occupied
territories (occupied WB including Jerusalem and Gaza). In historic
Canaan/Land of Palestine we can then move to become a secular
democracy and a model for the other areas in the region. The injustice
to 12 million Palestinians remain the source of much (not all) of the
troubles dominating the news today and addressing it will show the
world that western power will indeed abandon their hypocrisy and
promote democracy and peace.

ACTION BDS: In support of CAPJPO-EuroPalestine campaign to urge FIFA
to suspend Israel from FIFA, please send a letter to FIFA president to
immediately expel the apartheid state of Israel from FIFA. Mandela,
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and the ex-government minister Ronnie
Kasrils, all of whom experienced the brutality of this regime, state
that Israeli apartheid is far worse than South African apartheid ever
was. Israel is guilty of far more serious crimes against humanity. For
further information: (French)

Did Israel lobby “bullying and threats” push Univ. of Southampton to
cancel conference?
organizer's response
sign petition in support here:
(case going to court)

Cremisan Monastery wins appeal in Israeli High Court: Route of Israeli
Wall must be changed

Support Refugees in Egypt. Demand ending of repression

The Power of Israel over the United States
There are at least 52 major American Jewish organizations actively
engaged in promoting Israel’s foreign policy, economic and
technological agenda in the US

and do come visit us in Bethlehem, Occupied Palestine

Mazin Qumsiyeh
Professor and Director

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