Saturday, April 4


The global movement for the defense of children in Palestine said that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) are still using excessive force against the Palestinian children including firing live bullets at them.

 - FalastinNews

The movement added in a press statement on Saturday that 
since the beginning of the current year it has documented 30 
cases in which Palestinian children were shot with live 
bullets fired by Israeli soldiers and settlers, and pointed out 
that 29 of them were shot while they were participating in 
peaceful marches in the West Bank and the last one was 
shot by settlers in Silwan town in Occupied Jerusalem.
The movement attributed using this excessive force by the 
IOF to the Israeli soldiers’ conviction and prior knowledge 
that they will get away with impunity in spite of all their 
heinous crimes, according to the statement.
It also pointed out that according to the Israeli army special 
regulations live ammunition is not be used except in cases 
that constitute mortal threats to the Israeli soldiers, and 
pointed to the lack of evidences which prove that the child 
victims were posing such threats when targeted.
The statement mentioned the case of the minor Mu’ath al-
Ramahi, 15, who was shot in the chest with a live bullet 
during violent clashes with the IOF at the entrance of 
Jalazone camp on March 6 causing him severe wounds in 
his right lung and damages in his ribs and chest muscles.
The same clashes led to the injury of the minor Muhammad 
Hmidat, 16, who was shot in the face.
The statement cited Hmidat as saying: “I felt like if someone 
was hitting me from the back then I felt dizziness and a dull 
pain at that time then I noticed that my face was bleeding 
The statement also mentioned that the minor Malik 
Ghawanmeh, 16, was shot with a live bullet in his right leg 
leading to shattering the bones. The minor Muhammad 
Birnat, 16, was also hit with a live bullet while he was 
participating in the weekly peaceful march in Bil’in village 
near Ramallah.
“The Israeli soldiers started to fire tear gas and stun 
grenades and live bullets at us,” Birnat said, adding:” I was 
looking for a place to hide when I felt that something hit my 
right leg strongly.”
The clinical tests and the X-rays showed that the bullet 
settled in his right knee, according to the medical report of 
the child.

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