Sunday, July 27

Gazan Children are Deprived from their Simplest right , Right To Enjoy "Eid" Celebration Why?

Its Eid time, a universal festival celebrated by Muslims everywhere around the world. Every religion has a unique festival they celebrate during a specific time in the year, for example Christians celebrate Christmas. All Muslims are going to celebrate Eid tomorrow , they will get new clothes for their children, games, food, and they will enjoy their times by making a lot of parties. However "Eid " in Palestine is tragic, it's of a different type and the celebration is different too. Eid celebration in Gaza is full of Israeli bombs , explosions, and murdering. Instead of enjoying their childhood, and enjoying the happy Eid moments, Gazan children are living the most tragic days! Raged 8 – years old girl   children asked her mother sadly with tears filling her eyes "Mamma, is Eid coming tomorrow , while there is war, How am gonna go out play with my friends, Mamma you didn’t buy me new Eid clothes, cant they make the war after?? Where is the Eid, when children in Gaza are being killed every single moment and their bodies are all over the places? Where is the Eid when the cute little children are living but at the same time they are being bombed and killed at any moment? How can Gazan children enjoy Eid times while they lost their father , brother , mother or even the whole family ? Will Gazan children be able to celebrate, play with games or even smile when the Israeli explosions are all over the places targeting every single civilian and child? How can Gazan children celebrate "Eid ", when the sound of the disturbing scary drone is not stopping at all? Is it fair enough that Gazan children are deprived from a religious right they should have which is " Eid Celebration ", while children everywhere around the world are celebrating? What fault did Palestinian people and children commit to be deprived from such right ?

Alaa Hammouda/ North Gaza 

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