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Mossad Predicted Netanyahu's Kidnapping of Settlers

whosoever shall go out of the doors of thy house into the street, 

his blood shall be upon his head, and we will be guiltless—Joshua 2:19

Fearing to be kidnapped by Evo’ hordes while steep La Paz 

was washed by a river of sour beer spilled in a carnival of 

violence, abuse, and the inexplicable will of locals to steal even 

the air breathed by their peers, I quickly wrote 

yesterdayAmerican Kidnapped in the West Bank on the 

kidnapping of three settlers, one of them an American citizen.

Even at the early stage of the event, the Israeli government claims were not credible and dismissed by Hebrew media mainly because PM Netanyahu blamed the Palestinian Authority and its President Mahmoud Abbas while the event took place in an area under complete control of the IDF.
Moreover, the kidnapped were hitchhiking* despite this being forbidden in the area. Is Abbas to blame also for this?
The threats of Israeli officials hinted at the event being staged in an attempt to dismantle the Palestinian Authority. The recent creation of a national unity government has been condemned by Israel wildly and repeatedly, while a "Smash and Grab Palestine" Policy was announced. Member of the Knesset Yogev threatened yesterday that Israel will react through "the crosshairs of a gun," supporting the analysis of the event being a false flag attack on Palestine by Israel.
The Day After
One day after the badly disguised false flag attack, the ammonic pestilence of bodily purified beer was rapidly conquering the streets held captive until then by the alcohol. A similar pestilence had conquered Hebrew media, which in several ways was saying to PM Netanyahu "We do not believe your version of the kidnapping."
Paratrooper Brigade 35 force in Hebron
Paratrooper Brigade 35 force in Hebron, June 15, 2014
Note the two girls. Formally their role is defined "Company's Secretary." Paratroopers write a lot.
The Minority Report
Two main issues were openly raised against Netanyahu. A third one was well hidden and even better disguised.
The best article on the leading accusation against Netanyahu was entitled "The real reason Netanyahu is blaming Abbas" and was published in Haaretz by Zvi Bar'el. In a methodic account of the events in recent months, he dismantles the claim that the current kidnapping is the result of the national unity government. Several kidnapping attempts took place before it.
As I claimed yesterday, the event took place in Area C of the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority is not responsible for it and thus cannot be blamed. "Abbas is responsible for the well-being of the kidnapped teens as much as Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo is responsible for the well-being of Belgian Jews and the two Israeli tourists who were murdered in Brussels. With one exception: Di Rupo is the sovereign in his state; Abbas is not. Interestingly, Netanyahu, who spoke to Di Rupo, was careful not to hold him responsible," he wrote, providing a long list of events in which Netanyahu did not blame people in the vicinity of violent events.
Sarcastically, he blames "Netanyahu, for instance, is not responsible for hate crimes; he is not even responsible for the kidnapping of Jews in an area under Israeli control. Nor is he responsible for the alleged use of live fire to kill two Palestinians in Beitunia" (see Focused Foiling Committee to Investigate IDF War Crimes).
Sadly, his article ends badly. He claims this is an attempt to justify a collective punishment of Palestine for its new government. Israel wants to dismantle$ the Palestinian Authority, not to punish it.
The second issue brought against Netanyahu is the non-professional attempt to blame the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, which in recent days achieved substantial gains of terrain in Iraq.
This is based on a pamphlet attributing them the kidnapping. Until that moment, there were no credible signs of this organization being present in the West Bank. The false allegation will make easier to convince the USA that an Israeli attack on Palestine was unavoidable.
The ongoing Israeli attacks on Hebron and its surroundings are based on that appearing on the pamphlet, which mentions three Palestinians killed in the area in November 2013. People related to the victims are being arrested by the IDF.
Fake Pamphlet
Fake Pamphlet
The Minority Report
Several issues make the source of the pamphlet doubtful. Israeli analysts mention the photocopied logos, a style that does not fit the style of neither the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant nor al-Qaeda, and a bottom signature that does not fit the header.
One of the ways favored to hide a fake is making it of low quality. "It cannot be done by the Shin Beth secret police. They would have made something credible," is the rationale. In Hebrew, this trickery has a name, "inverse-on-inverse." The forgery is clear and emphasized so that the suspicion falls on the forgery victims.
Yet, all these are nothing but loose change compared with information leaked from the National Security Cabinet.
Makor Haim Yeshiva College
Praying to dead walls replaced the worship of a living God in modern Judaism
Student at the Makor Haim Yeshiva College, two of the kidnapped were pupils there

Mossad Dirctor is a Precog!
Working hard to avoid the clouds of ammonic pestilence, I kept searching for more data on the developing event. Laughing at the third issue was unavoidable. Mossad Director Tamir Pardo has been announced to possess precognition powers.
"The Minority Report" is a 1956 science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick, first published in Fantastic Universe. The story is about a society where murders are prevented through the efforts of three mutants, called "precogs," who can see the future, in other words possess the power of precognition. The story explores the rule of law through a carefully designed paradox, when the chief of police intercepts a precognition message by one of the mutants that he is about to murder a man he has never met. Then, the chief of police begins a complex attempt to blame a police officer for this future crime.
The society described in the story is based on "Precrime," a system that punishes people with imprisonment for murders they would have committed, had they not been prevented. In the introduction to the story Philip K. Dick writes: "punishment was never much of a deterrent and could scarcely have afforded comfort to a victim already dead."
In other words, The Minority Report describes a police-state in which state agents may arrest someone based on their assumptions regarding a possible future. Eventually, the process is proved wrong, precogs can err in their judgment and the system is scrapped. A Brave New World is born.
As many other cases,+ Israeli civil servants claim to know what is going to happen and allow themselves to act violently against others on illegitimate and illegal claims of precognition, state security, and the eternality of their retirement pensions, the unholy trinity of secular states. This time, Pardo hit.
After the kidnapping, Haaretz published an article entitled "Mossad chief's chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy." The subtitle was "Ten days ago, Tamir Pardo outlined a scenario that was spookily similar to the kidnapping of three teens missing in the West Bank since Thursday."
It reported words uttered during a National Security Cabinet meeting analyzing the Proposal of the Jewish Home party that that "prohibits granting pardons to terrorists." In other words, it prohibits swaps of prisoners, the phrasing used is misleading. "Terrorist" is someone who inspires terror; the State of Israel was defined as such by the Human Rights Council of the UN following Operation Cast Lead.
Since then the bill passed the preliminary reading, the first stage of parliamentary approval.
Pardo opposed the law because it would limit the government's room for maneuver in future abduction cases.
"What will you do if in a week three 14-year-old girls will be kidnapped from one of the settlements?," he asked. "Will you say there is a law, and we don't release terrorists?"
This was enough to recognize his precognition powers by Hebrew media.
Others know better and judge this enough to recognize Mossad Director's involvement in the false flag operation.
Kidnapped in Gush Etzion
Eyal Ifrah (l), Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar (r)
Kidnapped in Gush Etzion


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