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Thursday, March 14

Racist attacks are daily reality in Hebron, even for children
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Today a group of young settlers assault three Palestinian boys, Sharef (15), Ibrahim (14) and Walid Hamad (12), at the entrance of their home.
The Abu Aesheh family lives in a house surrounded by settlements and an army base. In addition to the harassment from their neighbours they also suffer various restrictions on transportion, building and with curfews among many others. All of these control tactics and random hate crimes are used with the purpose of forcing them to leave a home which they have lived in for 50 years, all so the settlers, with the help of the army, can occupy their home and their land.
The attack occurred in Tel Rumeida, Hebron. For many years the Hebron area has suffered from army harassment and settler violence, forcing some families to place iron bars around their windows and balconies in fear of attacks.


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