Sunday, November 4

Please consider signing the open letter to Carleton University administrators

Open Letter Critiquing the Report of Carleton's Commission on Inter-Cultural, Inter-Religious and Inter-Racial Relations on Campus
As you may have heard, Carleton University has recently unveiled a commission report that aims to restrict class discussions about the Middle East since some students have reported that they feel uncomfortable when the assigned readings or discussions are critical of the state of Israel. The report also equates criticism of the state of Israel with antisemitism. The report is based on an extremely faulty and biased survey research characterized by low response rate, recruitment of students through Hillel and other pro-Israel organizations, and leading and emotionally loaded questions. The report has major implications to open debates and discussions about the Middle East as the university plans to set up a mechanism through which students can file complaints regarding any materials (and course instructors) that are deemed (by any student) to be not "objective" towards the state of Israel.

We are collecting signatures to a letter addressed to Carleton administrators which details the fundamental flaws in the report and that demand that the report be rescinded. Here is a link to the letter (with links to the report and other referenced materials). Please consider signing the letter and informing other faculty members about it.
visit this link below and sign 

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