Wednesday, October 17

Israeli military court system is “kangaroo court”, implements Israeli intelligence agenda

The family of, Abdulfattah Soubhi Dola, a Palestinian detained eight years ago and convicted for twelve years, appeals through UFree network to the International community and human rights organisations to intervene to stop injustice practiced by Israeli military courts.

Israeli military courts sentenced, Dola, on the 11th of October 2007 for seven years.  Later, he was tried again upon an order from Israeli military prosecutor, although the appeal period has ended. The new trial before Military Court of Appeals sentenced Dola for another extra 5 years on the 28th of February 2012, lengthening his sentence to 12 years in total.

UFree Network pointed out that Israeli occupation authorities and military courts don’t abide by law, regulations or orders; although such laws and regulations violate the basic principles of human rights.

Mohammed Hamdan, UFree chairman, states that, "there is no proper court system in the occupying state of Israel. Courts judges and individuals are from the Israeli military in addition to the Israeli intelligence officers. All those personas are dedicated to issue untrue and unjust judgments against Palestinian prisoners.”

"The issue of the Abdulfattah Dola reveals the falsehood of these military courts” said Hamdan

Dola was detained on 1st of July 2004 under the pretext of participating in Alaqsa Intifada “uprising”. He was born on 1978 and is a father of two children. His father has died nearly a year ago before he was able to meet the son.

Israeli occupation forces stormed Dola’s family home in Beitunia town east of Ramallah city several times and sabotaged the home despite that the son was in the prison.

UFree Network| Media Centre

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