Friday, June 4

Canadians Please show solidarity with the people of Gaza

Dear Friends,
Since Monday, the international community has started to hold Israel accountable for its reckless and aggressive behaviour. Yet the Canadian government - and even key Canadian political parties - remain mute on the issue.
Please join in and do your part by helping out in one or more of the following ways:
1. Respond to our action alert to Canadian political leaders, if you have not done so already. Click here to send your email now.

2. Join in a local demonstration this weekend in your community to denounce Israel's attack against the Gaza aid flotilla, and to demand the complete lifting of the siege on Gaza. See the demonstration information for 12 different Canadian cities below.

3. Email the media at the links here. Consider our suggested "general" talking points below.
The Globe and Mail:
Toronto Star:
4. Address our political parties and their statements on the issue. Criticize the weak-willed statements from several of them, and thank those who made strong statements. Please refer to their statements and our "party statement talking points" below. Click on the names to write to Conservative PM Stephen Harper; to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff; to Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe; and to NDP Leader Jack Layton.

5. Call your MP. Walk them through our "general" talking points (below.) Click here to find the contact information for your MP.

6. Sign up to CJPME's Media Centre, and participate in our media alert network. We are closely monitoring the media during this period, and additional participants can help out greatly. Click here to watch an overview video. Click here to sign up as a media responder.
Together, let's make Canada the champion of human rights that it should be. Thanks for helping the people of Gaza!

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