Thursday, March 18

It is all about a land
the most descriptive
and symbolic photo.
An Icon !!

It is all about a Land ,
 and nothing else !!
Call it Promised-Land
call it Stolen-Land
call it Erzet Israel
call it Palestine
call it the Land of Canaan
call it  the occupied land
call it yours !!

it is only  a Land

The Israelis needed it for their expansion
and  the Palestinians needed it
for their survival and existance.

Did God give it Golda Meier ??
Did Moses invade it with Egyptian-slaves ??
Did Richard Lion-Hart offer it to the Pope ??

it is all in a piece of  Land

Did Salah el Ddin (Saladin) liberate it
did Hertzel steal it
did Jesus bless it

it is all about  Land !!

is it a restitution after the Holocaust
is it a restitution after the Crusaders
is it a restitution after Napoleon´s defeat in Aka

Nonsense , it is only about a Land  ??

Did General Allenby also liberate it ??
Did Al Khalifa Omar earn it  ??
Did Jesus meet Mohammad in there  ??

  it is just a piece of Land ,
but without any Peace

Do the Zionists need it
Does Judaism can survive without it
Did God give it to some .........
and denied it to others

No Sir !!     it simply a piece of land
that stretches from the Tiberian-sea to the Red-sea
passing by the Dead-Sea
while it is all retained in the East
by the Mediterranean-Sea .

Did Rottchild purchase it ??
Did Balfour sell it ??
Did the Sultan of Istanbul abandon it ??

No Sir  !!!

Balfour did not own it , so he could not sell it
and Rottchild was not even welcome
by the Sultan who owned it

No sir is just a piece of Land
the Pagans once became Jews
the Jews ,later, became Christians

and where
the Christians became Muslims

They all drunk from the river Jordan
and all have feared the same mighty God,
until the day the Zionists came.....

The Zionists who feared nobody
 brought to us
death and destruction,
colonialism and apartheid
exile and deportation
and of course, they took the land.

That same Land I am talking about
the one called Holy-Land
or Promised-Land
Land of Canaan
or simply and unpretentiously
or  normaly and historically ,

Nothing mystical about it
nothing miraculous nor devine,
the Whites did in South-Africa,
in North and South-America
even in Hawaii.......
so why not in Palestine !!
it is just a piece Land like all the others
and he who has the bigger-guns may keep it !!

Forget the United-Nations and International Laws
forget Human-rights , National-rights and even history
Do not mind about anything religions........
Just see that you get, and you keep,
 the bigger-guns

It is all about a Land,
and he who has the bigger-guns ,
may keep it !!

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim  el Chemayel
just looking for a Gun ...

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