Sunday, March 7

Israeli Aircraft bomb Gaza targets yesterday,today and sometime tomorrow by Michael Hall

I refuse to believe that we have to repeat histories mistakes  day after day, year after year, generation after generation, battle after battle,war after war, death after death/

I refuse to succumb to the herd mentality of mass psychosis taught by schools and spew out by politicians  that my neighbor is my enemy and i must rob him by gun in order to save my soul and protect my country in nepotism/

I refuse to live by caged circular logic that we must always repeat our mistakes using the same methods hoping one day for different results/

I do believe that our kind is good but sometimes oftentimes does bad deeds and we must learn to forgive ourselves and our neighbors in inclusive mercy if we are ever to break out free-

As i listen to a smiling handsome deceiver accept a peace prise as he sends more troops to violate people with violence all over the world i stand aghast and appalled/

I am shocked at his Orwellian swill speeches as he talks the talk but is lame walking the walk in his broken promises/

What of the Dali Lama shuffled off center stage so not to offend the Chinese who stole his land in 59

Where are the hopes of the Palestinians who believed that obama would be true to his word and pressure or punish or sanction the Israelis for their crimes against Humanity/

No, like the bush before he rants and raves against Iran who stay in their homes bothering no one while the Israelis are the ones with nuclear weapons and are the only ones refusing to sign the Nonproliferation Treaty-

Iam disgusted by his arrogant 'america is the best can do no wrong' premise,creed and attitude/

for it goes hand in hand with those other 'chosen exceptionals' his kosher friends in Tel Aviv/

as they both bomb, kill,assassinate,kidnap and violate their own laws and codes all around the globe/

I am sick of the goose-stepping media cheerleading as infantile diatribes and self-righterous tirades squawk for more violence and cultural hate as they use those methods and tools to fight hate and violence-

I debated in Jerusalem with a know it all Christian Minister on the use of violence and the resistance to evil/

I argued in Hebron with a Scottish peace activist who believes; "we must support the troops"/

I write an article in my home town of 'mayberry' against troops used overseas and war so i get threatened with a shot to the head the next time i ride my motorcycle in town /

but i go out in the light of day unafraid but wary,unbowed and unbroken for i know that nonviolence is always the answer to violence, for matching violence with violence only feeds the evil of it-


I know in my heart of hearts that injustice will not endure,violence will not win the day, oppression and repression are temporary tools by desperate people who by doing so violate their moral codes, conscience and breaks the heart of their Creator/

the dark hate of elitism and hate will one day wither under the light of true egalitarianism and i work for that day/

this day will come about by gentle dialogue, discourse and contact not by spurious monologues and more violence on our brothers and sisters who live slightly differently from us/

that one day under one rule, one law, inclusive to one and all; the golden rule-


When that day comes people will look upon their neighbors as brothers and sisters, not as prey/

one day nations will stand no more to lock us in and out from our family when we call the world our only country/

that day when resources are not wasted to feed the obese and the wealthy but given to those in need, when the sick are given free medicine,the homeless are shelter, the hungry fed, that day when man makes war no more/


Yet that day is not today, it is not nigh and the destination is a long,lonely, hard path yet to travel/

patriotism,nationalism, racism,nepotism and those other ism's still walk strong today/

but truth-force can and will oulast them all/

when the children of Bethlehem,Gaza,Hebron and Bilin laugh and swim in the Dead Sea/

When kites are flown all through the land and walls have all crumbled into dust/

When Palestine is open and free for one and all-


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