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Today in Palestine! ~February 23, 2010 ~

Shadi Fadda brings us today's headlines relating to Palestine and other news from around the internet.

Land and Property Theft and Destruction
Israel plans new Jerusalem settlement
Jerusalem – Ma’an – Israeli authorities have approved a plan to build 549 new homes for settlers on land across the Green Line in south Jerusalem, an advocacy group said on Monday.  Ahmad Laban, an official with the Israeli-led group Ir Amim said a regional planning body in the Israeli-controlled Jerusalem Municipality approved the plan, which still needs to take further bureaucratic strides before it is finalized.

Israeli pressure in Jordan Valley may force Bedouin community to leave
In recent years, Israel has attempted to force Palestinians to leave al-Hadidiyeh, a Bedouin community in the Jordan Valley, by denying building permits, repeatedly demolishing structures, and severely restricting movement.

Scattered in death as in life
Mamilla cemetery is estimated to be over 800 years old and was in continuous use until 1948 when the Western part of Jerusalem was conquered as Israel was created. The battle over Mamilla cemetery encapsulates many aspects of Israel's approach to Palestinian rights since the conflict began, and it is worth considering five here. Nadia Hijab comments.

Untie knot of Palestinian evictions, James Carroll February 22, 2010
TODAY, AS on every Friday for months now, several hundred Israelis gather here in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood in Arab East Jerusalem, to stand in vigil as a protest against the eviction of Palestinian families from homes they have lived in for decades. In August, seven families - about 50 people, including 35 children - were forced out of their homes, and immediately replaced by eight families of Jewish Israelis, members of extremist settler groups. The Palestinians have been living in tents across the street from their house ever since. Six other nearby families have received eviction notices.

UN: Israel 'heritage sites' are on Palestinian land
The United Nations is concerned over Israel' recent decision to include two West Bank holy sites in a planned "heritage trail, Robert Serry, the UN's special coordinator for the Middle East said on Monday.

Israel 'stole Palestinian heritage'
Furious Palestinians have clashed with Israeli soldiers and accused Israel of "cultural genocide" after the country's government claimed a sacred tomb in the occupied West Bank as a national heritage site.

Hamas PM calls for W.Bank to 'rise up' over holy sites (AFP)

AFP - Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya on Tuesday called on Palestinians in the West Bank to "rise up" against Israel over a plan to restore two contested holy sites in the territory.*

Abbas: Israel 'heritage sites' may incite religious war

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday that Israel's decision to add West Bank sites to the national heritage list is a dangerous provocation that may bring about a religious war, Israel Radio reported.

Barghouthi: Israel’s decision to annex mosques is offensive

Mustafa Al-Barghouthi stated that the Israeli decision to annex the Ibrahimi Mosque and Bilal Mosque is unacceptable and provocative, and falls under the Israeli policy of annexation and Judaization.

Barghouthi seen arguing with Israeli settlers
Hebron – Ma'an – Mustafa Barghouthi, the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative, on Monday termed as provocative the Israeli cabinet's move to designate West Bank holy shrines as "Israeli heritage sites."  The former Palestinian Authority information minister was spotted arguing with Israeli settlers during clashes in Hebron on Monday.

Annexation of Ibrahimi and Bilal Mosques anger Jerusalem people
Palestinian young men potested Tuesday morning in many neighborhoods of Jerusalem against the Israeli decision to annex the Ibrahimi Mosque and Bilal Mosque to the list of the Jewish historical sites.

Israeli Environmental Terrorism in the Holy Land
Israelis have duped much of the Jewish and Christian religious communities into accepting their claim to Palestine is based on a belief that the land is holy—that their spiritual and emotional connection to this land reaches across millennia. Yet through the willful decimation of natural resources along with its native inhabitants, the Zionist establishment has proven that in the Holy Land, nothing is sacred.

Jewish settlers cut off 45 olive trees
Jewish armed settlers cut off 45 olive trees in the village of Burin, south of Nablus city, on Tuesday, local sources reported.

Activism/Solidarity/Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment
Another Day in the Occupation
At 9:30am residents of Bil’in village, Palestinian political representatives, and International activists gathered in Bil’in to plant olive trees and almond seeds for 20 farmers who own land besides Israel’s Apartheid Wall. Approximately 200 trees were planted as part of the ongoing popular resistance to the Israeli apartheid wall and settlements. Bil’in has organized weekly and sometimes daily actions against the wall for the past five years, gaining international attention for the struggle and becoming a symbol for nonviolent, creative, popular struggle around the West Bank of Palestine.

Witnesses allowed entry as family of activist killed in Gaza sues Israel
The Obama administration is pressuring the Israeli authorities to allow four activists of the International Solidarity Movement from the U.S. and Britain to enter the country so they can testify in the civil suit brought against the Defense Ministry by the family of Rachel Corrie, an activist killed by an IDF bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in March 2003. Corrie, a U.S. citizen, was 24 when she was struck and killed by the bulldozer as she and others tried to stop the razing of homes in Rafah by using their bodies as human shields.

German Jews join the international effort to break the blockade!, Philip Weiss
Yesterday we mentioned the Turkish effort to break the blockade. Last week we mentioned Congressman Brian Baird calling for the Berlin airlift. Well here’s more, this is calling on humanity, sister: German Jews. What goes around comes around. My heart is lifting. "Jewish ship to Gaza."

Ten tons of settlement plastic confiscated in Hebron
Hebron – Ma'an – Ministry of Economy officials in the Hebron governorate said staff seized on Tuesday 10 tons plus 300kg of plastic produced in an Israeli settlement and set for sale to the Palestinian market.

Harvard Fellow calls for genocidal measure to curb Palestinian births
A fellow at Harvard University's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Martin Kramer, has called for "the West" to take measures to curb the births of Palestinians, a proposal that appears to meet the international legal definition of a call for genocide. Kramer, who is also a fellow at the influential Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), made the call early this month in a speech at Israel's Herzliya conference, a video of which is posted on his blog.

A Muslim student is denied entry to Israel and Harvard is silent. Why?, Philip Weiss
Felix de Rosen at the Harvard Political Review says that Harvard has been unjustifiably silent over the expulsion from Israel of Hebah Ismail, a law student who planned to study the Bedouin human rights situation.  Why was Hebah prevented from entering Israel? She had passed security clearance and had a letter from the Human Rights Program of Harvard Law School providing details about her research. But she was a Muslim. Airport security forces at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport routinely use ethnic and religious profiling as an index of suspicion; if you look Arab, if you have an Arabic name, or if you wear Muslim clothing, you immediately become suspect. Hebah’s story is just one of countless others that are becoming increasingly commonplace in Israel today, and that we simply never hear about. Every day, men and women are banned from Israel solely because of their religion, the color of their skin, and their veils and skullcaps. And Ben Gurion Airport is one part of a larger program of institutionalized discriminiation.

Eliot Engel sides with Israel against 5 congressional colleagues, Philip Weiss
MJ Rosenberg calls out NY congressman Eliot Engel for representing Israel not the US when he defended an Israeli decision not to meet with 5 fellow Democratic congressmen visiting the foreign country at the behest of J Street. (Rosenberg’s column, at TPM, is further evidence of the split inside the American liberal-left over our policy, and the growing mainstream respect that critics of Israel are finding).

David Frum admits that his vote is all about Israel, Philip Weiss
David Frum is a former Bush aide who pushed the Iraq war and is said to have coined the Axis of Evil formulation. I’ve always thought that he is Israel-centric but like other smarting/hunted neocons he’s cagey about it. Once when he gave a sermon in a synagogue and called the United States "this new Israel, this America," I wrote about it as a confession but Frum bridled, and said it was a biblical metaphor. Well the fancy metaphors are over. Here’s Frum writing about Tom Campbell, the leader in the Republican race to take on Barbara Boxer in California and endorsing him "since he is the candidate with the clearest and most detailed pro-Israel platform in the California Senate race"

Canadian Hasbara outfit is scraping the bucket, Ben White
As mentioned earlier, Zionist hasbara efforts in Canada now boast a new initiative called ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’. The campaign has got most publicity so far on account of a video that combines sexual crudity with the erasure of Palestine from the map.

Columbia U. law dean chairs all-day anti-Goldstone hoedown
Here’s an organization called the Lawfare project–about "the use of law as a weapon of war"–which obviously has some money. They’re having a gala conference in New York on March 11, with a host of speakers. It’s essentially the Israel lobby in sheep’s clothing. They’re fighting "the abuse of the law & legal systems for strategic ends," whatever that means. What it means is the effort to "delegitimize democratic nations such as the U.S. and Israel." Wait, pal, who’s delegitimizing the U.S.? No one I know. I.e., this is a false agenda. It’s about just Israel–which, yes, some are seeking to delegitimize. Also on the agenda: "Frustrate the war on terrorism." Struth! as the Aussies say.

Hoenlein: campus climate is ‘deteriorating’, Philip Weiss

Here’s a new video called "Crossing the line, the new intifada comes to campus" that equates the campus movement of criticizing Israeli behavior with anti-Semitism. It was sent out by the Forward today, as an advertisement. Zionists in the bunker; Hannah Schwarzschild writes, "They clearly think their backs are against the ropes.  And the logical leaps in here are just delicious…"

Violence/Aggression and Siege Related Deaths
Palestinian Dies Due To Electrocution In Rafah Tunnel
Palestinian medical sources in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, reported, Monday evening, that a Palestinian youth died by electric shock at a tunnel in Rafah.
AT-TUWANI: Israeli settlers chase, intimidate Palestinian school children after Israeli soldiers refuse to continue daily escort
AT-TUWANI – On Monday morning, 22 February 2010, four Israeli settlers chased Palestinian school children who were walking home after school in At-Tuwani village.  For one hour they awaited the Israeli military escort assigned to ensure their safe passage to their home villages of Tuba and Maghaer Al-Abeed. Because the Israeli military failed to arrive, the children were forced to take a circuitous path home taking over an hour. They finally arrived in Tuba and Mughaer Al-Abeed three hours after the end of the school day.

One Palestinian wounded, dozens suffocate in Al-Khalil clashes
One Palestinian was wounded and many others suffered suffocation during clashes that broke out in Al-Khalil in protest at an Israeli decision to make the Ibrahimi Mosque part of the Jewish legacy.

Detainees, Illegal Arrests
URGENT APPEAL: Mass arrest of children in Jalazun Refugee Camp
On 11 February 2010, at least 17 children were arrested from the Al Jalazun Refugee Camp in the middle of the night by Israeli soldiers. The children and their families report the use of excessive force during the arrests, and ill-treatment and coercion during subsequent interrogations. The children were interrogated in the absence of a lawyer and family member, and the interrogations were not video recorded. The children are accused of throwing stones, and in some cases, Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers in 2009 and 2010. The children are being prosecuted in military courts.

Jerusalem police arrests minors in the middle of the night
An investigation by B'Tselem has revealed a few cases in which minors aged 12-15, residents of Silwan, East Jerusalem, were unlawfully arrested in the middle of the night and taken, their hands cuffed, for interrogation on suspicion of stone throwing.

IOF raids Jenin and arrests student
West Bank, February 23, 2010 (Pal Telegraph)- Israeli occupation forces launched a wide range raid campaign at dawn on Tuesday in different areas of Jenin, and arrested a university student at a military checkpoint in the early morning and set up new checkpoints in more than one area.  Eyewitnesses said: "an Israeli intelligence officer, claiming he is the new district chief, during raids on Al-Yamoun, Kafr Dan, Kafr Koud, Al'erqa and Kfirt villages, questioned citizens under the pretext of identifying them--a method that Israeli intelligence has been doing constantly."  The witnesses said that Israeli soldiers stationed in these villages until the early morning hours. No arrests were reported.

Israeli forces raid Nablus-area town, seize 4
Nablus – Ma’an – Israeli forces raided the village of Iraq Burin, south of Nablus on Monday afternoon, imposing a curfew on the community and arresting four young men, residents said.  Palestinians in the village said the soldiers raided the house of Said An-Najjar and seized his three sons, Ayman, 24, Amjad, 23, and Luay, 21. Soldiers also detained Iyad Mustafa Az-Zawahri, 24. The four were taken out of the village in armored military jeeps.

Ahrar center appeals for releasing professor Doqan from Israeli jails
Al-Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies appealed to international human rights organizations to necessarily intervene to secure the release of university lecturer Dr. Ghassan Doqan from Israeli jails.

Siege/Humanitarian/Human Rights
Three children killed in Gaza fire
Gaza – Ma’an – Three children were killed and five others injured in a house fire in the town of Bani Sahela in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday.  Medical officials said twin brothers Tarnim and Bassim Abu Jame, 8, and Tansim Abu Jame, 13 perished in the blaze.

War Criminals
Goldstone Report back on UN agenda
GA to vote on five-month extension for individual probes of Gaza war, Ban asked to report on progress.
Israel's contemptuous response to Goldstone findings
Submitted to the UN on 29 January, the Israeli government's response to the UN-commissioned Goldstone fact-finding report falls far short of a credible investigation and continues Israel's long-standing policy of refusal to investigate and convict those responsible for crimes committed during its military campaigns. Sayed Dhansay comments for The Electronic Intifada.

Some Israeli Soldiers Speak the Truth and motive of their duty.

Palestinian Authority
'PA officials involved in sale of Jerusalem assets to Jewish groups'
Former Palestinian intelligence head who uncovered sex scandal involving Abbas' bureau chief tells reporters PA did not prosecute officer who sold Old City asset to Jewish organization; mentions other corruption cases.,7340,L-3852990,00.html

Hamas slams PA for selling real estate in J’lem to Israelis
Hamas strongly denounced the Palestinian Authority (PA) for allowing some of its officials to sell Palestinian real estate in occupied Jerusalem to Israelis as treason against the Palestinian people.

Palestinians: We thwarted suicide attack against Israel

The Palestinian Authority thwarted a suicide attack about six weeks ago that a young woman from Nablus had planned to carry out in Israel, Palestinian security sources have told Haaretz. The woman, who belongs to the Islamic Jihad, was arrested by the Palestinian security forces.  A spokesman for the Palestinian forces, Adnan Damiri, said he had no information on the subject.

Shabanah vows to expose more PA corruption

Bethlehem – Ma'an – Fahmi Shabanah, a former Palestinian Authority intelligence officer, threatened during a news conference on Monday to expose more evidence of corruption among high-ranking government officials within days.

How the PA helps Israel occupy | Jesse Rosenfeld
Ramallah's political establishment is now more interested in retaining western support than resolving national division,  Since the Palestinian Authority's initial diplomatic disaster over the Goldstone report, it has switched into reverse gear, issuing a barrage of condemnation of Israeli occupation and rhetorical flourishes for Palestinian justice. However, suspected links between PA security forces and the assassination of Hamas's Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, together with strengthening cooperation between PA security and the Israeli military in the West Bank, reflect a far different reality for Palestinians living under occupation.

Political Developments and Diplomacy
Gaddafi refuses to meet Abbas in Libya
Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reports Palestinian president met Libyan senior officials during visit, but not with president. North African country slated to host Hamas delegation in Arab summit next month.,7340,L-3853325,00.html

PPP Leader Meets Mashaal In Damascus
Secretary-general of the leftist Palestinian People Party (PPP), Bassam Salhi, met twice with Hamas Political Bureau head, Khalid Mashaal, during his visit to the Syrian capital Damascus.

Knesset Approves Bill To “Compensate Jewish Refugees”

The Israeli Knesset debated and passed a new bill on Monday evening to ensure compensations are paid to Jews who are “refugees” from Iran and other Arab states as part of any future peace deal.

Other News
Hamas asks Europe to list Israel as a "terrorist entity"
Hamas called on the European Union members on Monday to put Israel on its list of "terrorist countries" because it constituted a threat to world peace.

High court hears challenge to PA 'security' firing
Ramallah – Ma’an – In a hearing on Sunday, the Palestinian High Court of Justice heard a challenge by the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center against a decision by the Palestinian Ministry of Education to fire public school teachers for “security reasons.”  The firings resulted from a decision by the cabinet of the Palestinian caretaker government decision on 13 September 2007 to adopt security checks as part of the criteria for the appointment of civil servants.

Death sentence handed down for Gaza murder

Gaza – Ma'an – The de facto government’s Court of First Instance issued a death by hanging sentence Monday, against a 30-year-old resident found guilty of killing a Christian gold trader on 2 August 2009.  The accused, identified only as A.Gh., stood trial for the shooting death of Akram Issa Ibrahim Al-Amash, 34, in Beit Lahiya. He was found guilty of premeditated murder, a statement from the court said.  The sentence can be appealed at the Court of Appeal in Gaza.  A.Gh. was detained only hours after the death of Al-Amash was reported, police said. He was held as prosecutors put together his case and tried earlier in February.

Syrian woman reunited with Israeli husband after 7 years apart
The High Court ruled on Monday in favor of the family reunion of a Syrian woman with her Israeli husband, after seven years that the couple has been apart.

Israel's immigrant children fight deportation
The girls' parents come from the Philippines, Thailand and Sudan but they sing, shout and chat together in Hebrew.

Israel is Americans' fifth favorite place
According to a new Gallup poll released over the weekend, Israel ranks fifth among the countries viewed most favorably by Americans, behind Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Japan.

Extra-Judicial Assassination
More British, Irish passports used in Dubai killing (Reuters)
Reuters - The United Arab Emirates has identified four more suspects who carried fraudulent British and Irish passports in the Dubai killing of a Hamas commander, a source familiar with the investigation said on Tuesday.*

Likud MKs call Dubai hit a 'mitzvah'
MK Talab El-Sana slams denial of request to discuss in Knesset plenum assassination of Hamas man, which he called 'act of terror'. Likud MKs in response praise Mossad head Meir Dagan, say he 'did good work'.,7340,L-3853384,00.html

Riz Khan - Murder in Dubai
When Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was found dead in his Dubai hotel room last month, the death was chalked up to natural causes. But evidence revealed in the past few days indicates that the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, may have been behind the murder - and the details have sent shockwaves around the world. No one believes it will be the last Mossad assassination in the Arab world, but will the incident be swept under the carpet this time? Riz Khan speaks with Robert Fisk, the Middle East correspondent for the UK daily The Independent, and Yossi Melman, the intelligence and military affairs correspondent for the Israeli daily Haaretz, who co-authored 'Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel's Intelligence Community'.

Israel cruises into a diplomatic storm
Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, speaking on Saturday, suggested that Israel will not face a diplomatic crisis with Europe over the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai "because there is nothing linking Israel to the assassination."

Getting Away With Murder
Check this out. Here’s a story of two countries from the Middle East. One is an ancient civilization with a rich history that goes back five thousand years. It’s a functioning democracy with free elections held at regular intervals. It’s a huge country of 70 million people. It has remained within its borders and hasn’t attacked any country in the last 100 years. It is pursuing a nuclear power program, which it insists is for peaceful purposes.

Jim Baker says Netanyahu smelled Obama’s ‘weakness’
Jim Lobe picks up Jim Baker interview at National Journal. Note my favorite point, that Obama is reversing US policy on settlements. I wonder where the hell our policy has been for decades? What is policy without some means of enforcement, or sanctions? Oh yes and he says "apartheid." Don’t forget how many people accused Jimmy Carter of anti-Semitism for saying as much.

Yediot’s Gvirtz: ‘Ayalon has outdone even Lieberman in recklessness, no mean feat’
As reported here yesterday (February 21 2010) condemnation of Deputy FM Danny Ayalon’s snubbing of the J Street sponsored US congressional delegation has been nearly universal. The only exception was a Kahanist MK. Now  joined by only by neoconservative apologist Shmuel Rosner (Maariv Hebrew.) Indeed, even a  mainline conservative like Yehuda Ben Meir penned a blistering op-ed in this morning’s Haaretz (February 22 2010.)

Akiva Eldar / For Palestinians, more talks don't mean new hope
In an interview with Ari Shavit published Monday in Haaretz, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported there are signs negotiations with the Palestinians would start in the foreseeable future. According to Jordanian sources, the talks between Israel and the Palestinians, mediated by the United States, are scheduled to open on March 12 and continue for three months. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) announced on Sunday in Tripoli that he received answers to the 10 questions of clarification he presented to the Americans regarding the talks.

Israel’s actual invention is new standard on ‘asymmetrical’ conflict
Central to Israel’s defence of its actions in Gaza last year is the claim that international humanitarian law (IHR) is inadequate and must be modified to accommodate the “asymmetrical” nature of modern warfare. Rather than arguing that greater protection should be afforded to the weaker party in such uneven conflicts, the leading theorists of this new doctrine, Asa Kasher and Amos Yadlin, actually demand greater privilege for the strong, the wealthy and the well-armed.

Challenging UK support for Israeli criminals
Stuart Littlewood challenges UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband – and the rest of the British Establishment – to explain to the British public his government's support for Israeli crimes and criminals.

Monday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
At least 31 Iraqis were killed and 15 more were wounded in a storm of attacks across the country. Most of the attacks occurred in and around Baghdad, which has been unusually quiet in recent days. Also, Gen. Ray Odierno admitted that there is a "Plan B" for a slower drawdown of U.S. forces should the political landscape remain chaotic after March elections.

Iraqi campaign worker killed along with wife, children (McClatchy Newspapers)
McClatchy Newspapers - BAGHDAD — Assailants burst into the home of an Iraqi campaign volunteer before dawn Monday, fatally shooting the man before they stabbed his pregnant wife and their five daughters to death, relatives and authorities said. A sixth child, the only son, was found hanging from a ceiling fan with key arteries severed, a cousin said.*

Uni. prof. assassinated in Baghdad
A university professor has been gunned down in eastern Baghdad, a local police source said on Monday.

Iraqi politician raises eyebrows with Saudi trip (Reuters)

Reuters - A visit to Saudi Arabia by one of Iraq's most prominent candidates in next month's parliamentary election has sparked controversy among Iraqis suspicious of foreign interference in their affairs.*

Only two-third Iraqis due to vote in March 7 election (AFP)

AFP - Fewer Iraqis will cast their ballots in the March 7 general elections, specifically about two thirds of those who voted in the last polls five years ago, according to a pro-government poll on Tuesday.*

'Hezbollah prepared for any surprise from Israel'
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem has said that the Lebanese resistance movement is prepared for any surprise from Israel, such that Tel Aviv must think twice before any act of adventurism.  "Our core strength stems from the fact that we are the owners of the land and we have the right. Therefore, there's no reason to be gripped by fear," Sheikh Qassem stated in Beirut on Sunday.  He also stressed the necessity to strengthen and consolidate unity in the face of the Israeli threat to Lebanese territory.

Students work to highlight poverty in Lebanon
BEIRUT: Although most people understand university education is a privilege, many students lose sight of the fact that being privileged also means responsibility. At the Lebanese International University (LIU), a group of students have made it their objective to raise awareness on their campus about society's problems. On Saturday, the members of LIU's "Talaba" club completed the last stage of a seven-day journey.

U.S. and other world news
Iran Nabs Head of Jundallah's Group 'in Blow to US, Britain'
Iran arrested the most wanted fugitive and head of the Jundallah "terrorist" group who is accused of launching deadly attacks on Iranian targets. Abdolmalek Rigi was nabbed on a flight from Dubai 24 hours after he was at a US militarily base in Afghanistan. "He was arrested on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan," Iranian Intelligence Minister, Heydar Moslehi said at a media conference reported by Iranian state media.  Moslehi, said the militant leader had been issued an Afghan passport by the "Americans," traveled to Europe, and met with a NATO military chief.  Rigi had been tracked by Iranian agents for five months before his arrest.  The capture was "a great defeat for the US and UK," the minister said. He accused the United States and Britain of involvement in "continuous plots" in the region.

Comment: Arab patience wears thin with US
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's gestures and words on the Middle East peace process will mean nothing unless there is seen to be serious movement on the ground.

Morocco's Winter Olympic hero - AJE Sport 23 February 2010
American skier Bode Miller will go for a fourth medal in as many events when he takes to the slopes for the men's giant slalom on Tuesday. But also entered in the race are several unlikely outsiders. Moroccos Samir Azzimani is his country's first representative at the Winter Olympics in 18 years. Al Jazeera's Joanna Gasiorowska went to meet him in the mountain resort of Whistler.

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